How Viagem Scaled from 0 to 100 Listings Within a Year

June 18, 2020 |

Building a World-Class Brand 

With a founding team experienced in real estate, marketing and technology, Viagem ( is building a global hospitality brand for travelers seeking authentic experiences in urban environments. The property management and hospitality company, including VP Product and Marketing David Myers, is obsessed with providing inspiring, innovative experiences and top-notch service for all guests. They use their local expertise in each city to ensure their guests are treated to an above-and-beyond stay.

Scaling From 0 to 100 in a Year

Founded in 2019, Viagem has grown to manage over 100 listings in various cities across the US — including Philadelphia, Hoboken and Durham — in less than a year. Their goal is to expand their unique urban experiences to several hundred more listings in 2021. 

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The Challenge

With aggressive growth goals and an uncompromising approach to service, quality and guest experience, Viagem sought out a property management software (PMS) that could help them scale quickly while maintaining the standards their guests would come to expect. 

As a lean and remote-working team, David and his coworkers were looking for a PMS that could do more, faster — from streamlining operations, to providing actionable analytics and offering marketing and automation solutions that would enable Viagem to build the hospitality brand they envisioned.

The Solution 

David and the founding team researched extensively, comparing the five top property management software providers in the industry to one another. In all their market research,  “Guesty always stood out as the best and the favorite, as well as leaders in the industry.”

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They realized that the key to finding a PMS that would help their business scale was looking for more than just a software platform. They needed a strong partnership that would offer personalized support as well as innovate and develop features in accordance with the industry’s and Viagem’s own needs. 

The Results

For Viagem, Guesty provides a centralized solution that enables them to onboard and start accepting bookings for new listings within a single day, which has been critical in maintaining the company’s rapid growth. Not only that, but they can launch multiple new listings at once, making it easy for them to grow to over 100 listings within a year and putting them on track to keep growing as they explore new cities and countries.

Beyond speed to market, David explained that using Guesty’s Analytics, Send a Quote and Multi-Calendar tools has been particularly helpful in better understanding and managing their business on the day-to-day. 

Viagem rentals

In fact, Viagem has had such success using Guesty and the platform’s integrated third-party partners, that David says they no longer work with companies that are not a part of the Guesty Marketplace

Reflecting on the success Viagem has seen so far with Guesty’s help, he said, “You can try to save costs, struggle and hack your way through other systems, but your time is more valuable than that and Guesty is worth it — they continue to improve and be the thought leaders in the industry, providing the support we need to become a leading, internationally recognized hospitality brand for short-term rentals.”

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