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Learn how this property management company in Australia increased their revenue by 40%

May 18, 2021 |

With 30 properties now under his belt, Brad Anderson founded Peninsula Escapes in 2012 to attract families along the Australian coastline. 

Like many other businesses, the pandemic hit Peninsula Escapes hard. But, Guesty saved Peninsula Escapes from coasting. After not receiving guests for six months, Anderson shares that Guesty helped them get back on track and increased their revenue by 35 to 40 percent.  

“The ease of loading properties is just a godsend” – Brad Anderson, Founder of Peninsula Escapes

Spreadsheets and manual work are no longer a thought now that Peninsula Escapes has committed to Guesty.  

“If we didn’t have Guesty, I’d be stuck behind a computer” – Brad Anderson, Founder of Peninsula Escapes

The ease of loading properties is Brad’s favorite feature, as it is the main factor that allows him to grow his business and maximize profits. Peninsula Escapes has been able to grow enormously, and for that “Guesty is brilliant” says Brad Anderson. 

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