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From special forces to vacation rental service: How Guesty helped HolyGuest add 180+ listings to their portfolio in less than 6 months

July 29, 2021 |

Rudy Abrahami, Founder of HolyGuest, is a retired special forces combat soldier. After serving three years in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Rudy decided to switch gears and take two of his passions and blend them into one: real estate and service. In 2014, HolyGuest was born with the mission to provide a comfortable experience for guests, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the city and culture they’re staying in and all that comes with it.

Whatever property owners need, whether it’s sourcing, renovating, furnishing, or managing their assets, the HolyGuest team strives to be their trusted advisor and help them succeed. Since its founding, HolyGuest has expanded to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Paris and operates 150+ listings.

The Challenge

As HolyGuest rapidly expanded, Rudy realized that the company needed to streamline operations and centralize everything in one place. Not having automations in place was holding them back and they also needed to find a property revenue management solution to update their rates in bulk. 

HolyGuest looked for a system whose reactivity and speed of process could be a real money saver and a game-changer for their business. 

The Solution

What makes HolyGuest unique is that “we always try to use technology to give our team superpowers”, says Rudy. In 2019 they turned to Guesty for help. “Guesty was a great match for many reasons. The always improving feature set, and top-notch customer service made Guesty stand out from anything else on the market.” 

Today HolyGuest uses many of Guesty’s automation tools, from autopayments, task management, and contract sending, to creating a centralized communications system, assisting in revenue strategies, and ensuring smooth check-ins for guests.

The Results

Guesty has helped and continues to improve, HolyGuest’s daily operations, saving them time and money. In Rudy’s words: “Guesty saves us hours per week.” 

HolyGuest is rapidly growing having added 80 listings over the last couple of months with plans to add more this year. In fact, they are looking to acquire more property management companies globally. 

Thanks to the organization and automation they get from using Guesty, they will continue to provide top-notch experiences for new and existing customers while scaling their business to even greater heights.

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