How South Carolina’s Eagle Beach Rentals Uses Guesty’s Advanced Analytics Feature to Optimize Their Performance

January 13, 2022 |

In 2019, Myrtle Beach-based property management company Eagle Beach Rentals started using Guesty, and according to co-owners and partners Chris Ward and Nick Sowers, it has been a complete game-changer.

As per the two partners, “Guesty allows (them) to accomplish a lot more with fewer employees, and without it, they would have to hire at least several more full-time employees to handle tasks such as guest communication, channel management, and more.

Furthermore, the Eagle Beach Rentals team uses Guesty’s powerful Advanced Analytics feature to keep track of their reservations, reviews, revenue, and much more.

“The Advanced Analytics feature provides us with a wealth of overview information, allowing me to see everything the company is doing in one place. Guesty has allowed us to have one place where we’re not scatterd with docs or spreadhseets or different softwares we have to integrate. We just have one place to go to.” Chris Ward, Co-Owner & Partner, Eagle Beach Rentals

With a growing portfolio of over 125 vacation rentals in the Myrtle Beach area, Eagle Beach plans to grow in the region over the next year, using Guesty to help them scale.

“Eagle Beach Rentals will continue to grow. I would encourage any property management company out there to fully consider using Guesty because of the ease of use to the staff.” – Nick Sowers, Co-Owner & Partner, Eagle Beach Rentals

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