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The 5 steps to becoming an Airbnb superhost

Superhost status – the icing on the cake of Airbnb hosting pinned only to the most deserving of hosts. Reaching this prestigious pedestal not only comes with a shiny badge, but will give your listings priority in an Airbnb search, which will bring you more guests, and ultimately more profit. And let’s not forget that it also comes with unlimited bragging rights.

So, how do you get there? Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving Superhost status, along with all the benefits.

Guesty For Hosts

Step 1: Host at Least 10 Guests Each Year

Sounds simple enough, especially if you’re renting out multiple properties. If you’re struggling to meet this requirement, though, update your listings’ profiles with high quality photos of your rentals that present them in the best light and appeal to travelers. Consider offering a limited-time promotional sale, since nobody can resist a good bargain and, in the long run. the extra bookings will make up for the price difference.  

Host more guests to become an Airbnb Superhost

Step 2: Respond to Guests Quickly

Write this rule down: always respond right away. Now memorize it. Got it? Good.

Once a year, Airbnb pulls out its calculator and works out the average amount of time it takes you to respond to each new message. To pass the test, you need a response rate of at least 90%. This might be the most difficult part of being an Airbnb host, but thankfully, automation tools have got you covered. Property management software solutions like Guesty are equipped to send pre-written messages to guests at specific times throughout their stay. The best part? Your guests’ information is inserted into the template, making each message seem personal.

In the event that a guest asks you a question that you do not have the answer to, the best thing to do is answer them ASAP with a simple message saying that you’ll get back to them once you have an answer. Airbnb looks at the response time, not the response itself.

If you’re already working with Guesty and you have several listings, you may want to consider utilizing our 24/7 Guest Communication Service. Our team of professional receptionists will take care of all guest inquiries for you, from booking to check out, boosting your response rate time while ensuring positive guest experiences.

Step 3: Earn 5-Star Reviews, at Least 80% of the Time

What goes around comes around, and in this industry that translates from service to reviews. Provide 5-star service, earn a 5-star review.

Airbnb will remind your guests to leave a review, but you shouldn’t have any qualms about personally asking guests for a 5-star review. After all, you work hard, so you deserve the credit.

Encourage airbnb guests to leave reviews on your listings

Don’t let a couple of bad reviews here and there scare you too much. Remember, to pass this test, only 80% of your reviews need to be 5-star, providing you with a little wiggle room. If a less-than-great review is honest take that opportunity to learn from it, and better yourself as a host. Airbnb will provide you with personal stats of your ratings, and even takes progress into account, so don’t panic when an occasional less-than-5-star review comes along.

Step 4: Don’t Back Out

As a host, you have many obligations to you guests, and some of them start long before check-in. Obligation numero uno begins the moment your guest books your rental; you have committed to hosting them. Unless you absolutely must, do not cancel. Avoid having to cancel on account of double bookings by utilizing an effective centralized calendar to ensure the availability reflected on each booking side is accurate and up to date. If you’ll be out of town, at your cousin’s wedding, or attending GuestyVal, make sure to mark your calendar far in advance.

Regularly update your calendar

Exceptions to this rule are made for emergencies or unavoidable circumstances. Airbnb has outlined the correct protocol to follow on their website for such cases, and guarantees to help guide you through the cancelation process.

Guesty-For-Airbnb Hosts

You’re Almost There

If you follow these four steps, you should receive your Airbnb Superhost badge in no time; and once you’ve earned your medal of honor, you only have one step left: preserving it.

Step 5: Maintain at Least a 4.8 Rating

The steps required to become an Airbnb Superhost must be followed even after receiving the dazzling title. To retain this glorious status, you have to continue to be an outstanding host. If your rating drops below 4.8, you’ll lose your recognition and have to start all over again to retrieve it.

Start Putting the Pieces Together Today

Airbnb Superhost - Guesty

If you’re still wondering whether becoming an Airbnb Superhost is really worth all the hassle, don’t just take our word for it!

In the words of Superhost Richard Fertig, founder and CEO of Short Term Rental University:

“Obtaining Superhost status creates instant trust and differentiates you from the masses. I’ve found it helps my conversion rate and allows me to charge slightly higher rates. Further, it elevates one’s hosting as we continue to provide the best service seeking to retain our Superhost status. In short, it’s absolutely worth striving for and a badge of honor every host should shoot for.”

It might seem like a lot of work, but if it were easy, then everyone would do it! Superhost status will better your business and put you in the top tier of property management, so even though it will take some effort, it’s worth it in the end.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be a Superhost in no time.

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