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June Marketplace Roundup: Rental Insurance, Guest Verification, Design Solutions & More

It’s a good thing virtual marketplaces don’t have limited space – otherwise ours would be running out of real estate pretty quickly!

In June, six exciting vendors joined Guesty’s growing Marketplace. Here’s a quick look at the new integrations you can utilize to complement Guesty’s services and position your property management company for success.



Here to protect your properties, Safely is much more than an insurance company. Designed with short-term rental property managers in mind, Safely verifies your guests’ identities and checks their names against a worldwide database of rental guest history as well as over 200 fraud and crime databases. Safely’s provision of up to a million dollars in damage and liability protection on a per-night basis gives homeowners tremendous piece of mind, which explains why utilizing Safely helps property managers convert 15% more homeowners into clients.

How the integration works: When integrated with Guesty, Safely can pull your listings, reservation and calendar into their system so they can easily verify your guests and apply insurance to your reservations.



Parakeet is a vacation rental automation solution that improves your guests’ experience, enables remote staff monitoring and shaves hours off your work day. The software provides short-term property managers with a central, cloud-based dashboard from which they can control locks, garage doors, thermostats and sensors.

How the integration works: Parakeet will pull reservations and listings into their system and provide an access code for every reservation in the notes section on the reservation page.



Collect actionable business intelligence with StayIntel, an analytics platform that generates important data about your competition, performance, business trends and more, and delivering it to your screen on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Not sure what to do with it all? StayIntel can also take the necessary steps to increase your revenue and occupancy based on their findings by adjusting your rates and lengths of stay. 

How the integration works: Syncing StayIntel with your Guesty account will give the platform access to your listing and reservation data so it can start crunching those numbers and building game-changing insights for your business.



GuardHog is a European-based insurance company tailored to the needs of short-term property managers, filling all the gaps in typical home insurance policies that don’t cover commercial activity. Guardhog covers theft, accidental and intentional damage, guest injuries and more, and their products include top-up insurance to complement any existing insurance plans, a complete, comprehensive standalone plan and virtual solution for collecting deposits from guests. Coverage fees apply only when rentals are occupied so you’re never paying for unnecessary insurance.

How the integration works: With access to your Guesty dashboard, Guardhog can pull all relevant details about your properties and determine occupancy dates.

In addition to integrating our system with these vendors, we’ve also welcome two new community partners, whose services you can enjoy with no integration necessary.



Looking to spruce up your rentals to encourage more bookings? Fulhaus is the complete international interior design solution for short-term rental managers, offering quick redesigns of all your properties, including everything from furnishing and installation to a professional photoshoot of the finished product. With their industry price plan, property managers have access to volume discounts, wholesale pricing and more. 

As a Guesty community partner, Fulhaus will grant a 10% discount to all Guesty users on orders of $50K or more.



We’re proud to partner up with the global leader in business and market intelligence for the short-term rental industry, Transparent. The insights they collect on critical market components such as supply and demand patterns, rate fluctuations and more empower short-term property managers to take informed, data-based steps toward achieving their business goals.


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Want to learn more about our ever-expanding Marketplace? Check out our Deep Dive webinar for a closer look at Guesty’s partnerships with third party tech solutions.

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