June Marketplace Roundup: Security Deposit Handling, Travel Guides, Authority Reporting & More

July 09, 2020 |

Each month at Guesty, we build bridges between our software and other useful platforms to ensure that we are providing you with the means to simplify property management in all areas of your business. Especially in the midst of COVID-19, our Marketplace partners are here to provide tools to make these uncertain times easier for you wherever possible. 

Here are the newest partners to join our Marketplace this month:

Swikly: Security deposit solution

When it comes to protecting your assets, it can be challenging to rely on checks, transfers, or payment terminals to gather security deposits. With the help of Swikly, you can improve your overall customer experience by requesting security deposit payments in one simple transaction without debiting or even blocking the limits of your guests’ credit cards. This service also helps you to manage any disputes with guests, and includes a payment guarantee for property owners.

How the integration works: Swikly collects reservation and guest information from Guesty and allows you to send a security deposit processing request to your guests. Once processed, a security deposit is guaranteed by Swikly, even if the guest charges back.

Travelade: Customized travel guides

Organizing a trip isn’t all that simple — travelers must put together an itinerary of activities, attractions, and restaurants to fulfill all their vacation needs. To help you provide the best possible guest experience, Travelade allows property managers to customize a travel guide for their properties that provides guests with local travel tips and essential local hotspots. Because Travelade collects their recommendations via “wanderguides”, created by people around the world looking to share insights into their local tourist destinations, you can rest easy knowing your guests will be given tried & true suggestions. 

How the integration works: Travelade pulls your property information and helps you to create custom guides that can be sent to your guests. Your travel guides can include default local options or be property-specific.

Siga: Authority reporting solution

Invoicing and authority reporting can be tricky when there are so many small details involved. For property managers in Portugal, Siga is the ultimate tool for sending guest data to SEF and handling your invoicing. To make matters easier, Siga is automatically integrated with major booking channels including Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and various others that you can connect with via Guesty.

How the integration works: Siga collects reservation and guest information from Guesty and generates invoices in the format required by Portuguese authorities. Tax customization is available, allowing users to significantly reduce time spent on invoices. Siga staff will offer advice on setup, best practices and even local regulations.

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