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Guesty’s 2023 Industry Predictions in Travel & Hospitality

January 09, 2023 |

After a long period of uncertainty, 2023 brings travelers who are ready to make plans, explore the world – and their backyards – and engage in new adventures. So what will this year look like for the travel and hospitality industries? From travelers’ expectations, to trends and new technologies, we’ve outlined Guesty’s 6 hottest predictions for 2023.

1. Experiences will prevail

As travelers start expecting more from their accommodation than just a place to stay, 2023 is likely to become the year of experiences. Vacationers will want to plan their holidays based not just on activities close to their destination, whether that be a wine tour, local exhibition or cooking class, but they’ll also be on the lookout for exclusive properties, from unique architecture, to quirky design as the property itself becomes part of the travel experience.

Touristic activity

2. Staycations will glow-up

With the rise of the cost-of-living across the globe, staycations are making an anticipated comeback. Families and friends are now actively seeking to book rural escapes within driving distance, instead of planning far-away trips to the other side of the world. The demand for staycations is predicted to expand in 2023, as a direct result of inflation. 

Packing-up for staycations

3. Digital nomads will become mainstream

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past two years, you should be familiar with the term “digital nomad.” The concept of not just traveling to but actually working from a different country has become extremely popular and is likely to become mainstream in 2023. With more than 16 million digital nomads just in the US, several countries have already created a “digital nomad visa”, facilitating logistics for travelers. As this number continues to rise, property owners will have to adjust their offering and meet their guests’ expectations of finding not just a home away from home, but an office away from the office.

Digital nomad desk set-up

4. The lines between hotels and short term rentals will continue to blur

In 2023, the distinction between hotels and short-term rentals will become increasingly blurred, as both types of accommodations start competing for the same guests with more guests who were traditionally hotel-goers seeking out STR solutions, especially when it comes to luxury travelers. As a result, hotels and short term rentals will be forced to adopt elements of the other, like self check-in, in-room kitchenettes, luxurious amenities, and more.

Vacation rental amenities

5. VR will be the new inspo

You read that right. Virtual Reality is expected to become a new source of inspiration for many travelers. According to’s latest survey, 43% of the respondents said their travel destinations were inspired by places they visited virtually. While VR is predominantly used as a source of inspiration at the moment, one can imagine travelers going on full virtual vacations in a few years time.

Virtual reality traveler

6. Hosts will take over

The economic situation over the past two years has led to many first-time hosts renting out their property as a way to earn extra income. Many OTAs, which were lacking hosts to meet high demand, decided to simplify their listing processes, allowing a greater number of new hosts to take advantage of this lucrative business. This trend is predicted to expand throughout 2023, as technologies make it easier to host and the economic situation remains uncertain.

Property manager handing keys

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