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24/7 Guest Communication Services: The Guesty Feature That Will Scale Your Property Management Business

August 16, 2018 |
Guest Communication Services - Guesty

Picture yourself pulling over on the highway to answer an important message while you’re driving. While you’re eating dinner. Probably even while you’re sleeping.
Does it sound unbearable?

This is what being a property manager looks like when you have to personally take care of communicating with all of your guests. But here’s the truth…

You DON’T have to!

Guesty offers 24/7 communication with guests on your behalf through our popular GCS feature, which takes customer support from pre-booking requests to post-booking reviews out of your hair and into the hands of our expert team. And while it’s a given that these services take care of communications that no property manager really has time for, chances are it goes beyond what you thought was possible, too.

How can our Guest Communication Services help you?

24/7 Support

Guesty representatives offer around-the-clock guest communication and support on your behalf, with the ability to reserve certain inquiry categories for personal handling.

Saved Replies and Message Automation

Customize fast, automated answers to frequently asked questions and triggered events such as check-in or check-out.

In addition to these, our team collects a comprehensive overview of situational information from you – a feature called “If this, then that” – helping them to promptly answer complicated and context-based questions.


Receptionist Service

Guest Screening

Our software applies your specified criteria to guest approval, from children and pets to minimum nights required.

Screening Checklist

Multi-Calendar Maintenance

Don’t let every difficult request cost you a reservation. With access to your multicalendar, our experts are able to adjust bookings based on availability, price, location, and outreach in order to meet special requests and satisfy as many guest parties as possible.

Multi-calander By Guesty

Review Filtering

Your guest reviews will be previewed so that only the most urgent will be escalated to your attention.

Fee Management

Arrange payment for additional fees, such as last-minute additional guests or damages that can result in deposit deductions, that may be required post-booking.

Human Touch

Present your guests with personal, one-on-one correspondence provided by our expansive team of readily available experts in order to guarantee they feel valued.

By applying the property manager’s preferences in as many ways as possible and then making them readily available anytime and anywhere, these guest communication services are personalized both for the guests AND for our clients.


So…the potential for saved time is huge – but how huge, exactly?

Well, a company with 60 listings will have an average of 8,979 inquiries from guests.

A question takes an average of 12 minutes to answer. That’s about 107,754 minutes that you would probably rather spend doing just about anything besides answering emails.

But this hand isn’t just helping you save time and improve your communications…

How More Free Time and Perfected Customer Service Scales Your Business

Great customer support benefits far more than just the guests. Happy customers beget more happy customers – it’s more or less a scientific fact at this point. Here are some of the monumental ways that signing up for 24/7 guest communication services will create amazing business growth:

Higher Conversion Rates

When countless requests come in and you can’t respond to them all quick enough, it’s mostly futile to guess which leads hold the most promise. Meanwhile, they’re checking out other properties. Beat the competition by responding to all of the inquiries and confirming bookings first with our 24/7 service.

Reservation Protection

See less cancellations as our service experts access your multicalendar to arrange or rearrange reservations in order to offer solutions for problematic reservations whenever possible.

Become a Superhost

If you’re not already an Airbnb superhost, you’re about to be. Superhost is a status given by Airbnb to hosts who have gone above and beyond for their guests, who in turn are rewarded with preferable listing placement. If you already are a superhost, you’ll see your status boosted as a result of faster responses and more reviews.

Review Development

Let our guest service experts handle your reviews, from filtering the ones that come in to providing new reviews for your guests. By paying order to refine your business practices.

Growth. The best part about having free time is that you can use it to do other important things for your business.

When it comes to managing properties, handling your own guest communications means putting absolutely everything else second to an impromptu and impatient phone call from a guest. That kind of availability makes you completely unavailable to do other important things for your business, such as maintain your existing properties, acquire new properties, and finally be able to chase new opportunities.

Guesty’s Guest Communication Services will help you achieve all of this while improving your customer support at the same time.

It really is as good as it sounds. Sign up today.

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