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24/7 Guest Communication Services: The Guesty Feature That Will Scale Your Property Management Business

February 17, 2021 |
Delegate yourshort-term rental guest communication to Guesty

Any reputable host within the short-term property management sector knows that providing guests with an open line of communication is a crucial component of shaping 5-star-worthy experiences. 

Successful property management companies also know that amid all their other responsibilities – from marketing their listings to coordinating with on-the-ground staff – meeting guest inquiries with prompt responses around the clock can be immensely challenging. 

Guesty’s Guest Communication Services takes this time-consuming task off your plate, offering guest communication and support on your behalf. And with this tool here, you can even calculate how much money you will save using our team of communication experts to answer queries on your team’s behalf.

We’re here when you need us

Property management companies utilizing our Guest Communication Services have two options. 

They can opt for our 24/7 package and delegate guest correspondence to us around-the-clock or they can choose our Off-Hours service, allowing them to pass communication to our team for specific hours. This second option is perfect for hosts who wish to maintain a personal role in guest communication without sacrificing their nights and weekends.

We do it your way

Handing over your guest-facing operations to a third-party service isn’t always easy, but our Guest Communication Experts work with you to ensure we stay true to your brand and your rules. 

To ensure compliance with your established protocols, we build a list of all possible scenarios and the actions that should be taken for each.

We also assemble a bank of saved replies, or customized responses that are sent at specific points in the reservation cycle or in response to questions on specific topics. 

And, of course, we adhere to your personal criteria for guest approval, referring to your policies on everything from pets to parties before accepting any reservation. 

Your criteria for short-term rental guest approval

We handle fees and bookings 

Our Experts arrange payment of additional fees for things like last-minute reservation changes, additional guests or deposit deductions that may be required during or after a stay.

We also manage reservation changes on your behalf and can offer and process discounts according to your rules. We handle all the monetary aspects of a reservation, before, during and after the guest’s stay.

We protect your reputation

Our smart algorithm enables us to identify important, time-sensitive messages so we can get to them first, including communication from potential guests who still haven’t finalized their bookings. We even have an emergency phone line that guests can utilize in especially urgent situations. Prioritizing communication ensures guests who really need attention aren’t left waiting. 

Getting guest reviews is great, except when it isn’t. Our experts assess each reservation and ensure automatic review prompts aren’t sent to guests when it isn’t strategic.

We increase conversion rates

Getting multiple inquiries from potential guests is always a good thing, but the inability to provide prompt responses can mean lost leads. Our team of experts are trained in closing bookings and are ready to step in on your behalf to ensure no interested guests fall through the cracks.

Increased conversion rates for short-term property management companis

We provide unparalleled service

It’s important to note that we’re not your average third-party customer support service. With over 7 years of experience tending to guests just like yours, we are deeply familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, and keep a watchful eye on changing guest expectations so we can deliver an experience that places your company in the best light possible. 

We’ll take it from here

To meet rising guest expectations and bolster the growing prevalence of short-term rentals as a mainstream accommodation option, property management companies must maintain 24/7 availability for their guests.

You have other aspects of your business to attend to and you probably also want to come up for air every now and then. With Guesty’s Guest Communications Services, you don’t have to choose between having a life and being a top-notch host. Our team of experienced communication experts is here to answer the call. Request a demo of this service today.

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