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February Marketplace Roundup: Flight Tracking, Revenue Management, Simplified Access & More

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to the number of platforms you’ve got to hop between to facilitate successful short-term property management. That’s why we at Guesty have built bridges between our software and over 50 other practical tools that can help our users manage better. 

Our mission is to continue forming these partnerships so that our valued clients can leave the traveling to their guests and run all of their business operations from a single location. 

This Month’s Integrations


By nature, travel is unpredictable. Take back control by tracking your guests’ flights through Journera, so you’re always in the know when it comes to delays and schedule changes that could impact their arrival times and your operations. Make suggestions and upsell offers along the way for smoother, more enjoyable travel. 

How the integration works: To follow your guests’ flights and provide updates as needed, Journera will access guest, listing and reservation data as well as Inbox messages.  


Buoy offers a simple way for short-term property managers to manage their revenue. Additionally with Beacon by Buoy, Guesty users get free automated reports and can keep tabs on everything from new bookings to upcoming occupancy levels, the first step in ensuring their business is exactly where they want it to be. 

How the integration works: Buoy will grab listing, calendar and reservation information from your Guesty dashboard to generate accurate and informative reports. 


By popular demand, Keycafe’s access-simplifying solution now has a prominent spot in Guesty’s growing Marketplace. Store your keys in secure, brandable SmartBoxes near your properties so you and your guests can skip the inconvenience of in-person key exchanges and implement real-time photo ID verification to ensure your keys are landing in the right hands.

How the integration works: Keycafe will access information from Guesty about your listings and reservations, and initiate automatic notifications to your guests with instructions for accessing the relevant properties. 

This Month’s Community Partner


Got properties in Japan? Enhance your guests’ stays with unique tours and local experiences led by English speaking guides. Refer your guests to TripJunction or book on their behalf to ensure their itineraries are filled with memorable moments, both in and beyond your rentals. 

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Check out Guesty’s ever-expanding Marketplace to see the many third-party solutions we’ve partnered with to bring your entire management experience home to Guesty. Missed our last integration announcement? Catch up here!

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