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February Marketplace integrations spotlight: Smart lock solutions

In this installment of our Marketplace Integrations Spotlight, we’ll be focussing on solutions that enable you to remotely grant access to your properties, a convenience that has evolved into a necessity since the emergence of COVID-19, as it offers guests a means of accessing their accommodations without in-person interaction. 

Guesty’s Marketplace features several sophisticated entry solutions designed to simplify the check-in process and provide both you and your guests with increased flexibility. 

Not sure how to choose? Here’s a breakdown of their services:

Guesty's keyless entry integrations

All of our partners support remote access for multi-unit properties as well as standalone units. They also offer users simple means of monitoring all activity, including checking when locks were accessed and by whom, so managers can always keep tabs on their properties. All systems also have processes to accommodate the switching of guests to different units, either by transferring the same entry code to a different lock or generating a new code for the guest to use at their new accommodations. 

How does the integration work? 

By integrating your access system with Guesty, you allow for the two platforms to share important data in order to completely automate the process of granting guests access to the appropriate properties. The access solution will pull property and reservation information from your Guesty dashboard and generate entry codes and permissions accordingly, which will automatically be sent to guests in advance of their stay.

Once your access solution is integrated with Guesty, you will rarely have cause to use the solution’s platform as everything can and will be done through Guesty. 

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or contact any of the access solutions you’re considering.

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