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11 reasons every short-term property manager should be using Guesty

Managing multiple short-term rental properties is a full-time gig, one that comes with a hefty supply of responsibilities, and demands constant attention to even the smallest of details. To run a successful property management company, you’ve got to, among many other things, provide prompt responses to guest enquiries across several OTA platforms, communicate efficiently with your various personnel, keep homeowners updated on the performance of their properties, and make regular modifications to your listing prices and descriptions in order to maximize your bookings. And we didn’t even mention marketing your properties, which is, of course, a massive part of the equation.

Sometimes it might feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all and do it well.

That’s where an end-to-end property management solution comes in. Software specifically designed to make your job easier can step in and take the reins on a lot of your obligations, automating the more repetitive tasks on your agenda and making the rest a whole lot more doable.

Guesty, the all-in-one solution for short-term property management companies worldwide, offers a comprehensive collection of powerful tools to prevent your job from eating up every minute of your day. In fact, they can save you as much as twenty hours a week! But, as our happy clients can attest to, Guesty doesn’t just help you manage, it helps you manage better!

Read on to find out how…

11 Reasons You Need Guesty’s Property Management Software By Your Side

1. Efficient Management of Multiple Properties Across Multiple Channels

A successful property manager has multiple listings. A good property manager has each of those listings registered on multiple OTAs. While this boosts potential for bookings, it can be difficult to keep things organized when all of your eggs are separated into so many different baskets.

Guesty’s Channel Manager helps you centralize data across over 60 booking platforms and stay on top of all activity on your listings without having to hop back and forth between channels. You can view all of your past, current and upcoming reservations in a single place, regardless of whether they were made on Airbnb, or Homeaway. And you don’t have to worry about double bookings, either. When a rental is reserved through one channel, those dates are automatically blocked off wherever else it may be listed.

2. Easy Viewing of All Your Bookings

Guesty syncs with all the booking platforms you’re utilizing, so that reservations made on any OTA automatically appear on your multi-calendar. One glance at this feature will tell you everything you need to know about current, upcoming and previous months, and you can share that data with homeowners, investors, or anyone else it might interest.

Through the calendar, you can also set optimal prices for specific dates in order to maximize profitability. So if you’ve got a slow week approaching and want to lower your rates to encourage reservations, you can modify your prices on Guesty, and those changes will be echoed across all the channels you’re using to promote your rentals.

3. Centralized Communication With All Your Guests

Responsiveness is a major element when it comes to ensuring guest satisfaction and landing guests in the first place. Travelers want to finalize their travel plans quickly, without having to send multiple enquiries or twiddle their thumbs, waiting for a reply. If you can’t provide prompt replies, they won’t hesitate to move on to another property in the area. A unified inbox that centralizes your communication with all your guests, regardless of where those interactions took place (an OTA, email, or SMS), will give you easy access to all your guest correspondence so you never miss a thing.

You can also share specific conversations with relevant personnel. For instance, if a guest is reaching out about flexibility regarding check-in times, you can assign that query to your reception staff, eliminating yourself as a “go-between” and making communication a whole lot smoother for all parties.

4. Automation of Your Repetitive Tasks

Speaking of haste, utilizing Guesty’s automation tools is a great way to ensure your guests know they’ve got your attention just moments after they reach out to you. You can make custom messages for a variety of situations, from a response to an initial enquiry to a post check-out follow up encouraging your guests to leave a review.

Guesty offers features that automate a range of repetitive management tasks, including communicating with guests, modifying listing prices, assigning tasks to staff members and leaving guest reviews. Delegating these responsibilities to Guesty will free you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

5. Instant Insight Into Your Properties’ Performance

All important information related to your property management company is stored on Guesty, so why shouldn’t you be able to access it in a clear and comprehensive way?

Guesty Analytics

Guesty automatically imports your data into coherent and well-organized reports. A smart filtering system allows you to view the content however is most convenient for you, be it according to price, reservation dates, booking status or number of guests.

Use reservation reports to analyze booking ratios or schedule preparations for check-ins. Access listing reports to see all details of each listing neatly displayed and categorized. Check task reports to keep tabs on various assignments and ensure everything is done on schedule.

6. On-the-Go Management Assistance

With multiple listings to look after, property managers spend quite a bit of time on the go. But Guesty’s mobile app ensures that you never have to leave your favorite management tools behind. The app includes Guesty’s unified inbox, so you can provide efficient communication even when you’re on the road, as well as a staff management feature that help you seamlessly distribute tasks to your personnel and keep track of their progress.

You want to know what’s going on with your listings at all times and now you can! If a new booking is made or a guest enquiry sent, you’ll receive an alert right on your phone’s home screen. Guesty’s convenient, user-friendly app makes sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

7. Effortless Creation of a New and Powerful Marketing Channel

Want to up your marketing game, showcase your brand and reduce profit loss on account of OTA fees, which usually amounts to between 15 to 20% of your revenue? Guesty can instantly produce a personalized booking website for your property management company, from which travelers can directly reserve dates at any of your listings. With the click of your mouse, you can get a whole new platform, dedicated exclusively to the promotion of your rentals. Design it to reflect your brand colors and personality so you can generate brand recognition, give it a custom domain name and utilize its strategic features to encourage guest to return and attract new travelers.

8. Smooth Processing of Any and All Payments

Cut out third party payment collectors and do it all straight from your Guesty account. With Guesty’s secure payment processor, you can collect your payments, produce invoices and receipts, create auto-payment schedules and store credit card information to make the process easier for returning guests.

Collecting payments through Guesty means that all payments are incorporated into your automatically generated data reports. Staying organized and keeping diligent records has never been simpler!

9. Simple and Effective Data Sharing With Homeowners

Communicating with homeowners is a big part of property management. These are their properties after all, and they want to stay informed. Now, you can keep them in the loop without ever having to pick up the phone. Guesty’s Homeowners Portal gives them access to helpful visual aids, depicting each property’s monthly performance and comparing it to that of the rest.

It also allows homeowners to easily reserve time on their properties for themselves, avoiding all that back-and-forthing involved in making sure the listing is available when they want it. Say a homeowner wants to vacation in her Orlando condo the first weekend in October. All she needs to do is log into the portal and check the calendar to see if those dates are available. If they are, it’s just a simple matter of blocking them off for her own use. Easy, straightforward, and time-efficient!

10. A Human Touch That’ll Get You Raving Reviews

There are some things computers can’t do. You may not be able to provide your guests with 24-hour availability and the ability to attend to each and every need, but Guesty can. We’ve got an entire team of trained and highly dedicated personnel, ready to offer your guests top-tier customer service. Say your guests are having trouble accessing the wifi or can’t figure out how to heat the pool. Instead of responding to all the little queries that arise throughout a guest’s stay, you can forward their questions to Guesty, and rest assured knowing your customers will be well taken care of.

11. Seamless Integration With External Tools

Though Guesty offers almost everything you need to manage your properties without breaking a sweat, there are definitely some outside tools that can contribute to smooth operation of your business. That’s why Guesty is constantly forming partnerships and growing our integrations marketplace, which allows our users to sync all of the data on their Guesty dashboards with resources such as VirtualKEY, a company that facilitates keyless entry into your rentals, and Properly, for all of your property cleaning needs.

Once a company integrates with Guesty, they can access all of your upcoming bookings, guest details and any other data they may need to carry out your tasks without requiring your intervention.

What are you waiting for?

There’s a reason that thousands of property managers have turned to Guesty to aid them in their day-to-day management duties. Sorry, make that 11 reasons! If you’ve got multiple properties to manage, then request a demo and learn how Guesty can help you launch your business to new heights and have enough time to enjoy the view!

Short-term property management is a difficult job – let Guesty make it a little bit easier.

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