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Infographic: An Earth Day guide to sustainable hospitality

The hospitality industry has been taking great strides in recent years to curb its energy consumption, single-use plastics in guest rooms, and the amount of water used on a daily basis. As the global consciousness towards sustainability continues to grow, the sector continues striving to be on the forefront of practices that lead to a healthier planet.

In honor of Earth Day, Guesty provides a glimpse into some changing trends and mindsets when it comes to travel and its impact on the environment. Below you will find useful tips and sustainability partners from the Guesty Marketplace, to help your business achieve energy efficiency, waste reduction, and net-zero emissions.

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Check out Enel X x Ok2Charge integration: Property owners can now install Level 2 home charging units as an amenity for their guests, with full software and integrated payment abilities; these are the first ‘home’ charging solutions that have been designed specifically for vacation rentals. 

Energy conservation and efficiency have never been easier with Guesty’s integrations with Operto for intelligent control of smart devices, Powersetter and its ability to increase revenue, improve occupancy and reduce bills by going green through instant and free integration, Pointcentral for enterprise-class smart home property automation, and Calirom for next-generation building and room automation designed for hotels. 

The OTAs Take Action

The leading online travel agencies (OTAs) have made it easier-than-ever to assist consumers in choosing the right accommodations and highlighting their users who have implemented sustainability initiatives. has added a “Travel Sustainable” badge to select listings, Expedia offers a Carbon Neutral Homes Category, and Airbnb offers practical tips and lessons in their members’ Educational Hub

What Can Hosts and PMCs Do Today and in the Future?

  1. Conduct an environmental audit and get certified 
  2. Use eco-friendly equipment, smart home solutions and alternative energy sources
  3. Get listed as eco-friendly by OTAs
  4. Provide staff training on Green initiatives 
  5. Communicate energy consumption tips to guests 
  6. Offset carbon emissions on guest stays or offer guests to do so for an added-fee

Looking for more ways to make your property management business sustainable? Check out our blog post on 8 Ways to Go Green With Your Vacation Rentals.

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