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Airbnb amenities that can help hosts attract more guests

For Airbnb hosts, simple vacation rental amenities can have a profound impact on your Airbnb marketing success. The right amenities can greatly improve guest reviews and boost your listings’ visibility by placing them in more search results. These are all goals any host strives to achieve, as they are key for becoming more reputable as an accommodation provider and increasing your bottom line as a business.

Confirming the importance of amenities, a consumer survey by Airbnb found that 97% of travelers say amenities are a top priority for a great trip. So to help you make sure you’re only investing in the most sought-after extras as a host or property owner, here are the top 10 amenities guests often filter their search results for on Airbnb:*

  • Pool
  • WiFi
  • Kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Hot tub
  • Washing machine or dryer
  • A/C or heating
  • Self-check-in
  • Dedicated workspace
  • Pets allowed

While not everyone can offer a pool, a hot tub, or free parking, there are many easy ways to add the right amenities for your property – to boost your ranking, stand out from the crowd and attract more guests. 

  1. Do the basics well

Similar to lack of cleanliness, failing to provide basic amenities guests want in vacation rentals is guaranteed to hurt reviews. Conversely, doing the basics well – and showing you care – is one of the surest ways to earn great reviews. 

  • Stock your kitchen: The convenience of being able to cook, unwind, and do laundry is a big deciding factor for Airbnb guests who may otherwise choose a hotel. Along with cooking essentials, make sure the eating area has enough seating for the maximum number of guests. In addition to standard appliances such as a fridge/freezer, microwave, oven, and toaster, try to also offer laundry machines.
  • Provide quality Wifi and entertainment: Good Wifi is almost a prerequisite these days, and the faster your bandwidth, the happier guests will be. If you can also provide smart TV, popular streaming services, or other gadgets, it adds to guests’ relaxation and occupies their kids while they prepare dinner.
  • Go overboard with essentials: One of the things that frustrates guests most is running out of basic amenities, such as bathroom towels, toilet paper, or soap. So make sure everything is well-stocked and clean. Provide ample bed linen and extra blankets. If you have a laundry machine or dishwasher, make sure there’s plenty of detergent.
  • Keep safety in mind: When guests see that you’ve thought about their safety beyond the essential fire extinguisher and smoke detectors, it shows you care. Things like first aid kits, flashlights, candles, and important local numbers all help land those good reviews, especially when guests need them. 

2. Thoughtful little touches 

One of the best ways to easily attract more guests is to delight them with a few unexpected amenities, like a bottle of wine, some flowers, a nice coffee setup, or pool toys. Leave toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and hand lotion in the bathroom. And good quality tourism guides are always hugely appreciated. 

Can you go further? If you live by the sea, for example, think about including a mussel pot or fish cutlery. Embrace your local culture with chopsticks, a fondue set, or some famous local condiments and spices.

3. Broaden your Airbnb messages and appeal

The more views your property receives, the higher it moves up the rankings. So, as part of your Airbnb growth strategy, expand the categories of guests seeking your property simply by providing the relevant amenities. By checking off the amenities you provide, you can make a big difference in your search ranking, so it’s worthwhile to come back to this field every once in a while to make sure your listing is up to date. 

Pay special attention to the amenities your typical guests would be looking for. For example, if you find your rental tends to attract longer-term digital nomads, you want to focus on the amenities that they might be looking for such as Wifi, a kitchen, a quiet workspace, or a washing machine.

4. Market to remote workers

Airbnb data shows that guests are working remotely more than ever and actively searching for listings with dedicated workspaces. Top of this list is fast and reliable Wifi, but you could also look to highlight other amenities, such as good lighting, desk space, and an ergonomic chair. For additional information on attracting more business travelers, check out this great article about short-term rentals for business travelers.

  • Highlight child and pet-friendly properties: Again, these feature high on the search list, so if you can accommodate families and pets, talk about it. Then think about adding amenities such as a cot and high chair, baby’s bath, diaper bin, furniture covers, pet bowls, and extra towels to wipe paws. It’s good to also mention laundry machines. 
  • Showcase accessibility: Listings with accessibility features are prioritized in Airbnb searches, so it makes sense to highlight them. Guests with disabilities look for very specific amenities, such as step-free access, wider doorways, and an accessible-height bed. 

5. Match your amenities to your location

Beyond the must-have amenities, it’s worth striving to include the nice-to-haves. When going the extra mile, think carefully about the type of traveler that visits your area and how you can elevate the comfort and enjoyment of their stay. 

People renting a lake house would appreciate kayaks or fishing gear, while properties near beaches could provide beach towels, deckchairs, or snorkeling equipment. If activities are seasonal, swap the kayak and paddles for sleds and snow shovels.

6. Show and tell precisely what you offer

Airbnb now offers hosts very specific feature listings to choose from. For example, instead of just indicating a dedicated workspace, you can specify the details of your setup – from a desk and monitor to the type of coffee maker. Similarly, you can be specific about barbecue types, streaming services, and heating and cooling systems.

Pictures are still the best way to convey the quality of amenities on offer. So, as you continue to add new amenities to your listing, be sure to update your image portfolio as well. 

Following these basic amenity guidelines can help you optimize your search results, improve guest reviews, and climb the rankings to attract more guests – without too much effort or expense.

*According to Airbnb internal data that measured the most frequently searched amenities worldwide from 1 January to 31 December 2021.

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