Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

One of the most critical aspects of managing vacation rental properties is ensuring they are properly cleaned and maintained between guests. The last thing you need is a guest finding your apartment dirty or in any way unfit to accommodate travelers and then publicizing this information in their review. 

Cleanliness is extremely important to guests and any mention of the contrary in your reviews is enough to do serious harm to your occupancy rate. You must therefore prioritize cleaning tasks and ensure they are always done correctly and on time. 

Here are some tips for keeping your rentals clean:

1) Get your staff organized

The first thing you should do is build an efficient workflow so that all of your cleaning personnel know exactly where to be and when. They should also know how long they have before the next guests arrive so they can time their tasks accordingly. 

Consider using a cleaning software for vacation rentals to organize and track your staff’s tasks and progress so that nothing slips through the cracks and no guests show up to an unclean property. 

2) Make access easy

You don’t want to make a copy of each of your property’s keys for each and every one of your cleaning and maintenance staff members. Keys get lost and are difficult to keep organized. 

With a keyless entry system, your staff will be able to access your properties with temporary passcodes or other virtual means and will never struggle to find the correct key. This will also come in handy when a replacement is needed for one of your staff members. 

3) Consider outsourcing

Cleaning and maintenance are enormous undertakings and it might be simpler to outsource these tasks to a short-term rental cleaning service, many of whom use sophisticated vacation rentals cleaning software so you can easily provide them with checklists,  track their progress and even verify that they’ve performed their tasks appropriately by reviewing photos of the cleaned property. 

With all the other work you’ve got to do to keep your business up and running, a vacation rental cleaning service may be the way to go.

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