How to Create A Booking Website for Vacation rentals

While there are plenty of online booking platforms property managers can utilize to promote and rent their properties, those wanting to build a loyal customer base and maximize their revenue would be wise to build a direct booking website of their own. 

How do I create an online booking website?

There are a few different paths you can take to create an online booking website and none of them require you to have extensive or even basic knowledge of web-building. With so many third party platforms out there capable of building a website on your behalf, you’ll have to input minimal effort by simply providing the details you’d like to display on your site, such as the name of your company, photos and descriptions of your rentals, prices and other relevant information. 

Some property management software platforms include a website building feature that is automatically integrated with your other channels, calendars and tools to save you time and enable you to put your website on autopilot. 

Where can I advertise my short-term rental?

Once you have a website, advertising becomes a whole lot easier, since you have a professional platform to which to send potential consumers. You can promote your short-term rental site on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and increase your traffic organically or through paid advertising, which has been proven quite effective for those companies ready to embrace the modern marketing tactics.  

You can also advertise your website on travel forums and relevant websites. Of course, in addition to promoting your properties through a website of your own, you should be taking advantage of the many platforms out there exclusively dedicated to the rental of short-term accommodations.

What other websites are there besides Airbnb?

Anyone in the short-term rental business has heard of Airbnb, but what other platforms can you use to promote your properties?

Some of the big ones include:

  • HomeAway
  • Agoda
  • TripAdvisor Rentals
  • VRBO

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