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How Guesty helped a fast-growing property management company streamline guest communications

March 19, 2019 |


Anton Zilberberg and Ela Mezhiborsky love to travel — combined, they’ve been through six continents and more than 50 countries. In their travels, they’ve stayed in everything from high-end resorts to freezing alpine lodges, calling many of these places “home” along the way. With the goal of making everyone feel at home while travelling, they started QuickStay, an Airbnb property management company hailing from Toronto that focuses on luxury short-term rentals and hosts thousands of travellers every year.

Throughout its growth, Anton and Ela have prided themselves on QuickStay’s ability to provide best-in-the-business customer service to guests. And this comes in the form of seamless communication from booking to checkout.



In the last 3 years, QuickStay processed over 6,000 reservations and hosted over 15,934 guests. Though these volumes are great for business, hosting hundreds of travellers every week meant QuickStay was facing a huge demand for guest support.

Anton and Ela wanted to keep operations efficient by offering self check-in and checkout, but they also saw value in bringing a personal touch to their guests’ experience. The only way to accomplish this was through caring and thoughtful guest communication. Without a large customer service team, QuickStay struggled to engage with guests.



QuickStay needed a top-of-the-line software to streamline guest communications for its property management company. The goal was simple: personal and helpful responses for every guest interaction. Guesty paved the way for the company to implement a communication process, while building a strong guest support team that was fully-equipped to deliver high-quality customer service.

“Thanks to Guesty, we don’t have to take on big hiring costs… our small team can do so much more.”

QuickStay relies on Guesty to provide first-rate customer service to its guests. Rather than allocating resources to increase hiring, the company could invest in building a more knowledgeable and capable team of guest support agents.

The platform allowed the guest support team to automate the more repetitive aspects of guest communication, like check-in instructions, giving agents the opportunity to focus their attention on building genuine connections with guests.

“Guesty lets us focus on the guests by taking away the mundane day-to-day hassles.”

With Guesty as the heart of guest support, the team could finally standardize some key practices:

  • QuickStay reduced stress and saved time by enabling auto messages to go out at scheduled times with specific filters and restrictions.
  • If a guest has issues or concerns during their stay, guest support can turn to Guesty’s saved replies feature. It serves as an excellent place to store the answers to frequently asked questions — a great alternative to typing out the same message hundreds of times over.  
  • After the guest’s stay, autoreviews ensure QuickStay responds to Airbnb reviews in a timely manner.
  • Auto responses make sure no message goes unanswered, which constantly improves QuickStay’s response time.

These tools play an integral role in establishing the company’s reputation for providing thoughtful and thorough communication.



With a small team of highly skilled and knowledgeable guest support agents, QuickStay is set up to deliver five-star customer service. As the company went from managing four properties to 90, Guesty was there to streamline all guest interactions. Thanks to the platform’s automation tools and saved replies, QuickStay was able to build a seamless communication process that can be sustained over the years. Though intricate in the back-end, the guest messaging is friendly, clear and concise from the guest’s perspective.

Even better, the QuickStay team can now go the extra mile and bring the guest experience to the next level. With easy-to-schedule auto messages, QuickStay is able to offer valuable add-on services to guests. Whether it’s paid parking, a bottle of wine or gourmet chocolates for a special occasion, these perks set QuickStay apart from its competition.

Using Guesty, QuickStay plans to expand guest communications in the company and improve customer service to deliver unmatched guest experiences.

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