Guesty X Duve: A Partnership That Spurred User Retention, Project Development and Ultimately Growth

August 13, 2020 |

Meet Duve

David Mezuman and Jeremy Atlan were successful owners of a vacation rental company, operating and managing over 100 properties, when they decided to join forces with an experienced developer, Shai Bar. The trio hoped to create a solution to solve the many pain points that property managers faced on a day-to-day basis. 

In 2016, they founded Duve, an end-to-end guest experience platform that allows property managers to engage and communicate with guests and generate more revenue by up-selling services. Duve gives hosts control of a guest’s journey and improves their experience from the moment the booking is confirmed until check out. The company’s white-labeled guest communication solutions include contactless online check-in, a guest application, review optimization, and more. 

Guesty X Wishbox: A Partnership That Spurred User Retention, Project Development and Ultimately Growth

Duve X Guesty

In order to give their users the ability to effectively communicate with guests at all times, Duve needed to connect to a property management software. Guesty was the optimal choice. 

“Guesty is known for being an advanced PMS system, with clients that are forward-thinking and looking for the top tech solution,” says Jeremy Atlan, Co-Founder of Duve, “These features stood out in considering Guesty as a partner, and are why the two systems work seamlessly together.” 

Both Guesty’s and Duve’s offerings complement each other. Duve pulls its users’ rental and reservation information, as well as communication with guests, and the data syncs onto Guesty’s platform. The integration gives hosts the ability to see all the details about their properties and guests in one place – from guest inquiries to bookings across different channels – and continue to manage at ease. 

Wishbox X GuestyThe Results 

The advanced two-way integration furthered Duve’s goal of developing forward-thinking solutions for vacation rental hosts. Merging Guesty’s advanced capabilities with Duve’s guest-facing solutions means hosts can focus more on the most important aspect of their business: growth. 

Since partnering with Guesty, Duve has had multiple clients who successfully combined the two solutions to achieve impressive results. “Our clients have reported that the automation has significantly shortened time spent on repetitive tasks and improved upselling. And over 80% of guests complete the online check-in, which includes document scans, deposit collections, upsells and more, before check-in day.”

Overall, the partnership helped Duve expand its user base, and ultimately develop and grow with clients. “We would definitely recommend Guesty as a partner, the team and instant connection are the best in the industry,” says Jeremy. 

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