Building The Largest Property Management Company In The Netherlands: How Guesty Aided Bnbmanager in Successfully Facilitating A Large-Scale Merger

September 29, 2020 |

Update: 10/14/2021

Bnbmanager began using Guesty in 2016 and since then has reached an extraordinary milestone welcoming 100K guests in the Netherlands and Germany. This lucky guest was greeted to the rental with a surprise package and gifts to help celebrate this remarkable achievement. Bnbmanager continues to embrace new opportunities and challenges to reach additional significant milestones.

Launching The Largest Property Management Company In The Netherlands 

After operating a successful property management company for a few years, Elias Ben Allouch, Founder and Owner of Awaykey, was looking for the opportunity to expand his client base and grow his business into a hospitality brand. 

In April 2019, this became a reality when Elias took over operations and acquired the properties listed by Bnbmanager, an Amsterdam-based property management company running since 2014. After a successful merger, Bnbmanager Nederland was born. 

Currently, Bnbmanager is the largest property management company in the Netherlands, managing over 2,000 leisure properties, including boutique hotels, vacation rentals and short-stay apartments. 

The Challenge

Bnbmanager had been working with Guesty since 2016, using the platform to centralize revenue and listing management; however, the merger between the two companies a few years later brought with it new challenges. 

“The main pain point of the merger was the balance between putting two companies together and still continuing daily operations as usual,” said Bram Kesselaar, Account Manager at  Bnbmanager. “We needed to ensure that homeowners would not notice any major changes that were happening – any glitches would mean a loss of confidence and potentially the loss of clients.” 

The Solution

Guesty supported Bnbmanger throughout the entire merger, automating guest communication, unifying bookings into one Multi-Calendar and streamlining their growing operational needs – from coordinating with more hosts, managing tasks for a larger housekeeping staff and keeping new owners informed

Listing management across multiple channels also helped drive more bookings, both during and after the merger. Currently Bnbmanger receives nearly 90% of their bookings from the direct OTA integrations Guesty has with Airbnb, and Vrbo. 

“Overall, Guesty helps us save time and makes last-minute or busy reservation days easier to plan logistically,” adds Bram.

The Results 

Bnbmanger has developed a strong foundation for its professional hospitality brand with a growing portfolio and network of clients. 

Providing a backend system that runs smoothly and efficiently, Guesty makes it easier for Bnbmanger to work outside of the Netherlands – the company has recently set its sights on expansion and plans to soon open a boutique hotel in Germany. “As CEO you can have a vision, but the execution is a team effort. At Bnbmanager we consider Guesty a part of our team,” says Elias Ben Allouch, CEO and Managing Director of Bnbmanger. “The services we provide are the future of boutique hotels and holiday rentals and our vision is to become a global pioneer in the hospitality business.”

“Guesty really makes the daily operations easier for a property management company. It eases communication, logistics and financial management, and has a good set up with the premium OTAs that helps secure better financial results,” adds Bram. “Besides what Guesty entails PMS-wise and offers product-wise, working with their Support team and the relevant account management team is always a positive experience.” 

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