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3 ways to master tasks with Guesty

For any property management company, assigning, completing and tracking tasks is a day-to-day reality that takes up more time than it should. At Guesty, we’re working hard to streamline that operational bottleneck and to ensure you can easily and efficiently stay on top of all your to-dos.

At a time when teams are changing to accommodate new realities, effective task management from a distance is more important than ever. The following three videos break down key ways to create, assign and stay on top of tasks with Guesty.

1) Manual Tasks

Manual tasks are perfect for one-off scenarios, like a property repair or a mid-stay clean. In light of COVID-19, property managers may be receiving more uncommon requests, like arranging for special deliveries or help with local authorities. Manual tasks can be quickly created and assigned to staff to handle these requests — plus, you can determine a timeframe for the task, so guests know when to expect a delivery or phone call.

If you notice certain new tasks begin to pop-up with regularity, you might want to consider turning them into auto tasks instead.

2) Auto Tasks

Auto tasks are great for recurring to-dos, like cleaning after checkout. You can set them up per listing, select your trigger event (e.g. check-in, planned departure, etc.), and assign them to a relevant staff member. Once complete, auto tasks can trigger automated actions, such as sending your guest a message that the property is ready for check-in.

With coronavirus prompting most property managers to upgrade their cleaning procedures, updating cleaning auto tasks to include a detailed checklist will ensure cleaning staff are on top of all new protocols. Additionally, status updates on task progress and completion allow you to communicate efficiently with your team, even if you can’t check in with them face-to-face.

3) Mobile Task Management

Guesty’s mobile app allows you all the functionality of assigning, tracking or completing tasks that you’d have on a desktop. Whether you’re supervising a task or your team is carrying one out, you’ll both be plugged into the progress no matter where you are.

With perhaps less time in the office due to social distancing, it’s super important to stay connected with your team throughout the day. With our mobile app, you can make changes to tasks or add comments for your team to see immediately.

Whether you’re on the go or working from home, Guesty’s task management tools are designed to make it easier for you to help your team work effectively and efficiently.

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