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March Marketplace roundup: A complete cleaning solution, a smart home monitoring system and a platform to automate your operations

Here at Guesty, another month means another round of valuable new integrations with partners who can save you time, improve your operations and solidify your reputation as a professional and reliable property management company. 

Let’s meet our newest partners.


Cleaning is one of the less luxurious aspects of running a short-term rental business, but it’s also one of the most important. With TurnoverBnB, you can skip the hassle, while ensuring your rentals are in top-notch shape before each guest arrival.  TurnoverBnB allows you to automate cleaner scheduling and payments, and provides a local cleaner marketplace chock-full of reliable cleaning professionals ready to take on your properties.

How the integration works: TurnoverBnB pulls listing and reservation data from Guesty in order to automatically schedule tasks for cleaners and post jobs to the cleaners marketplace when relevant. Once a property is cleaned, TurnoverBnB updates the cleaning status on Guesty. 


Make handing over your precious properties to total strangers a whole lot less stressful with Minut, a privacy-safe, wireless noise-monitoring device that also detects motion, temperature, humidity and more. With Minut watching over your rentals, you can rest assured that you’ll be alerted to any risks or unruly guest behavior, and can intervene accordingly. 

How the integration works: Minut accesses listing and reservation data from Guesty in order to track which rentals are occupied and when. Users will receive alerts to their Guesty dashboards when Minut is triggered, and Minut will utilize guest data from Guesty to send messages to guests when relevant.


Save time and reduce room for human error by automating your operations from start to finish. Aurmur provides automation technology for check-in, facilitated through temporary access codes, post checkout cleaning alerts, sent to personnel the moment a guest departs, and everything in between. With technology handling the repetitive stuff, you can focus on growing your business and delivering guests an experience they’ll never forget.

How the integration works: Aurmur pulls listing and reservation date from Guesty in order to automatically generate keycodes for upcoming reservations. Keycodes are populated in Guesty’s “keycode” field.

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Check out Guesty’s ever-expanding Marketplace to see the many third-party solutions we’ve partnered with to bring your entire management experience home to Guesty. Missed our last integration announcement? Catch up here

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