Short-Term Rentals for the Gay Community: Guesty Integrates With misterb&b

Gay-Friendly Short-Term Rentals

As a short-term rental property manager, you know that the more platforms you list on, the more bookings you’re likely to get.

You’re probably taking advantage of the big ones, like Airbnb, and TripAdvisor Rentals, but to truly maximize your booking potential, you’ve also got to keep an eye out for those niche OTAs that keep popping up.

Smaller platforms aimed at more specific categories of guests, like business travelers, backpackers or luxury-seekers, are a great addition to your portfolio, as they usually present less competition, collect less commission and do a good job of filling the vacancies in your calendars.

That said, we’re excited to announce that our latest integration is with an industry player that caters to a community whose members travel one and a half times more than the average person: misterb&b, the gay-friendly Airbnb.

Founded four years ago after CEO Matthieu Jost and his partner had an unpleasant experience in a shared Barcelona-based rental, misterb&b is a platform dedicated to facilitating gay travel by providing members of the gay community with safe and welcoming dwellings all over the world.

Currently, the site boasts 250,000 listings across 135 countries. The most popular gay travel destinations include Paris, Madrid, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York and Montreal, among others. If you’ve got a rental in any of these locations, you’ll definitely benefit from this new partnership!

Top Destinations for Gay Travel

Once Guesty users have integrated misterb&b with their account, they’ll be able to push existing listings to misterb&b within minutes and start benefiting from this new and unique distribution channel straight away.

In addition to providing you with an additional revenue stream, misterb&b offers hosts insurance at no extra cost, alleviating concerns over damages to your properties.

“Not only is this integration directly in line with our mission to help our clients grow their businesses and reach more guests,” says Guesty CEO, Amiad Soto. “It also furthers the important cause of ensuring everyone has access to safe and inviting travel accommodations.”

As our Integrations Marketplace continues to grow, offering our users an increasing number of external resources to connect with their Guesty dashboards, we are proud to welcome tools that advance the travel industry at large and help usher in a world that everyone can travel without fear.


If you’re interested in learning more about property management and discovering the many ways Guesty's platform can help your business, we invite you to a free one-on-one session with one of our experts.

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