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HomeAway Customer Service

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Find out all the information about HomeAway’s customer service, including HomeAway contact details and where you can find help to questions that may arise throughout all stages of the booking process. 

Contacting HomeAway

For urgent issues, both guests and hosts alike will want to contact HomeAway immediately and directly. Here’s how: 

Contacting HomeAway by Phone

HomeAway lists two phone numbers for support centers that are available 24/7 to provide guests and hosts with support for any given situation. The numbers are:

  • 1-877-228-3145
  • 512-782-0805

Contacting HomeAway by Email

HomeAway does not provide a single direct email address for customer support claims. However, on all pages on the HomeAway website, there is a “Contact Us” button that will direct both guests and hosts through a system to select the category and nature of their issue. They will then be directed to a contact form where they can add more information. After completing this form, the issue will be sent to the HomeAway support team who will respond via email. 

HomeAway Help

For less urgent issues, or if a host or guest wants to find out more information about a certain aspect of the HomeAway service, they can turn to HomeAway Help. 

The official help center of HomeAway, this directory has answers and helpful articles for nearly every aspect of the booking and rental process that can benefit both new and experienced hosts as well as first-time or experienced travelers. 

Categories included in the HomeAway Help site are: 

Getting Started

This section is dedicated for HomeAway hosts looking to sign up and start using the service. It includes information on payments and setting up your listings on the site. 

Your Account

Helpful for both guests and hosts, this section provides information about login, security for your account and updating contact information. 

Your Listing

If you want more information about managing rates, paying listing subscription prices and editing all aspects of the listing itself, this is the place to find it. 

Manage Reservations

Learn how to best stay on top of your calendar of reservations and manage payments with guests.

Find a Property / Book a Property 

While these sections are made for guests, they could also be helpful for hosts to understand what kind of questions arise for guests when locating and looking to book a property.

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