Tips For Building High-Performing Automated Messaging Workflows

December 09, 2021 |

As a property management company, gaining complete control of your guest communication is crucial for your success, but can also quickly become incredibly taxing on your team’s time and resources. That’s why Guesty’s Communication Workflows (formerly known as Automated Messages) empower you to automate and effortlessly deliver exceptional, timely, and responsive service throughout the entire guest journey.

Watch below to hear Guesty’s experts share tips and insights to unlock your Communication Workflows tool’s full potential and identify opportunities for better guest communication:

A few key things to remember: Keep your workflows set for all your properties, and avoid setups for specific listings. Using Guesty’s customized placeholders, you can create messages that will populate the relevant information based on the reservation’s property, thus allowing you to maintain fewer workflows and onboard new properties in less time. You can also create workflows for groups of properties based on their geo and/or tags using the “By rule” option, and any property that fits these rules will automatically be included in the workflow.

To get started using Guesty’s communication workflows, click here for step-by-step instructions. If you’re not a Guesty user yet, click here to request a demo of our platform!