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Guesty Locks Manager

A smart lock management system with a better guest experience

Remotely manage all your smart locks from a single dashboard. With Guesty Locks Manager, get automatic unique code generation and full visibility into real-time lock information.

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Easy access and secure check-ins

Be operationally efficient

Manage every aspect of your smart locks from within a single dashboard

Improve guest experience

Your guest experience begins at the door with easy and convenient entry. No more lockouts or frustrated guests.

Control property entry

Monitor guest, staff, and vendor access to all of your properties with unique, trackable codes

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A smarter way to manage access to your property

Automatic code generator

Eliminate manual errors, improve security, and provide a contact-free check-in experience with automatic code generation unique to the guest reservation

Real-time individual lock info

See individual lock info in multiple places within the dashboard – reservations, inbox, and listing information – whenever you need, and answer guest questions about accessing your property on the spot

Locks health manager

Stay on top of lock health and functions. See all lock info in one place whether you have one lock or thousands. Detect and fix issues with batteries, Wi-Fi, and more.

Full activity log

Access lock details easily to keep track of each person that unlocked your door and at what time

Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t have a smart lock?

Smart locks are beneficial for everyone as they provide more convenient and secure access to your property. Read more about why using smart locks is a best practice and how combining them with management software can improve operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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