Guesty Users Win the Jackpot with a Direct Integration with

Direct Integration with - Guesty

The direct integration is officially here! Guesty’s all-in-one property management software is expanding to offer more integrations with the top booking channels that property managers are listing on. With this new direct integration with, Guesty plans to see a large increase in reservations through the channel for all Guesty users. This integration with has created a unique partnership that will continue to grow.

With the short-term and vacation rental industries constantly increasing, property management companies need to find ways to become more aggressive in their vacation rentals distribution plan while also competing with other vacation rentals for reservations. Guesty is working to solve these challenges for property management companies by creating direct integrations with leading OTAs in the industry. With over 1 millions nights reserved on each day, this direct integration will allow Guesty users to be better positioned and increase their business.

“Our partnership and integration with allows our customers to reach even more potential guests and for Guesty to be leaders in the distribution space. After spending months perfecting our connection with, we have reached their highest standard. We are now excited to help generate more revenue for our property management companies.” said Amiad Soto, CEO and Co-Founder of Guesty. “ is a leading booking channel and a growing business partner. Guesty is proud to have a certified partnership and integration with and we look forward to growing our relationship and deepening our integration.”

Guesty’s cloud-based all-in-one technology combined with the human touch gives every vacation rental management company the ultimate solution to run and scale their business. Now as Guesty is combining forces with users have the opportunity to grow through this collaboration.

“We are confident that this will bring much opportunity to property managers on many levels. This integration with gives property managers the ability to scale their business to a whole new level by publishing their listings directly from Guesty to with just the click of a button,” Amiad Soto, stated. “This fast and easy process allows property management companies who are constantly growing to publish as many new listings to as they would like in just one minute, rather than hours of manual work and excel sheets.”

Guesty’s product managers have been working side by side with for months on this integration. This is only the beginning, as Guesty continues to work with many different booking channels to increase users distribution and help them hit their maximum capacity.

“Property managers can now upload listings to with full descriptions of the property. With the highest technical advancements, every field will be pushed through the Guesty integration with So you should never need to log in to in order to manage your settings,” exclaimed Roei Timor, Product Manager and leader of the integration with

Guesty has it all covered. Not only has Guesty been the number one solution in the urban short-term rental industry, but with this partnership, Guesty will now climb to the top of the vacation rental industry as well.

“This integration will generate tons more direct traffic and revenue to all our property management companies together with the ability to increase rankings and distribution of listings,” said Amiad Soto. “Guesty has been working hard to bring our users outstanding new integrations and open up endless opportunities within the industry. We are very proud to announce our direct integration with We see this as another step for Guesty to expand to the vacation rental market successfully.”

This new seamless integration saves property managers time and effort, helping to scale their business to a whole new level. Read more in the help center about how to navigate your listings to Guesty right away.

Guesty Users Win the Jackpot with a Direct Integration with
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