Guesty X Wheelhouse: How Guesty Helps Wheelhouse Drive User Acquisition and Boost Customer Success

August 13, 2020 |
Guesty X Wheelhouse: How Guesty Helps Wheelhouse Drive User Acquisition and Boost Customer Success

Meet Wheelhouse

In 2014, Andrew Kitchell, along with a team of PhD Data Scientists and experts in hospitality, founded Wheelhouse to help property management companies manage their short-term rentals professionally and efficiently with data-driven, nightly pricing software. Wheelhouse gives its customers more control over the success of their business and enables them to focus on delivering a top-notch guest experience, while still maintaining maximum profitably. 

The data-backed recommendation engine sources the best price for a property to maximize a host’s revenue in the high season and boost occupancy in the low season. Wheelhouse also lets users customize all components of their revenue strategy, from minimum stay or price requirements to discounts and seasonality adjustments, all while tracking their portfolios’ performance compared to market activity. 

Guesty X Wheelhouse: How Guesty Helps Wheelhouse Drive User Acquisition and Boost Customer SuccessWheelhouse X Guesty

From its inception, Wheelhouse had a mission to earn property managers more money and save them more time so they could focus on delivering a world-class experience to their guests. For them, that meant “partnering with Guesty was a no-brainer.”

Wheelhouse’s pricing intelligence tools coupled with the wide range of solutions that Guesty offers – from 24/7 guest communication and automation tools to an analytics dashboard – made Wheelhouse’s goal of providing its users complete autonomy over their business a reality. And the Guesty Marketplace of vetted and approved third-party tech solutions provided a great launchpad, giving Wheelhouse exposure to Guesty’s expansive user base.

Wheelhouse X GuestyThe Results 

The connection between Wheelhouse and Guesty is stable, simple and only takes minutes to set up, and the feedback Wheelhouse continues to receive has been stellar. “A common theme that we hear from our shared customers is that Guesty’s products are feature-rich yet intuitive, making the technology learning curve almost non-existent,” says Kitchell, “Settings configured in Wheelhouse are automatically synced to Guesty, giving our customers peace of mind that their business is best positioned for success.” 

Mimicking that sentiment, Tommy K. of Corduroy Suites, a shared user of both companies explains, “Wheelhouse has been critical to our success as an operator. Often catching a trend before we could hope to see it ourselves, it has improved our company’s revenue and overall profitability. The integration with Guesty has been seamless and is easy to set up.”

Guesty has been one of Wheelhouse’s most reliable partners, playing a major role in driving new customer acquisition. “The Guesty team is incredibly talented, hard-working, and such a pleasure to work with,” Kitchell continues “Pair that with the effective tools that Guesty equips their property managers with and your customers are sure to meet their business goals.”

The seamless connection and the simple user experience that both Guesty and Wheelhouse offer, make for a streamlined user experience that appeals to a wide range of customers from individual owners to larger-scale hospitality operators and ultimately helps both partners grow their user-base.   

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