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Guesty x A partnership promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth in the short-term rental industry

January 20, 2021 |

Meet is an insurance, guest screening and verification system designed specifically for short-term and vacation rentals. The company was founded in 2015 after Andrew Bate, CEO, realized that many homeowners were wary about the risks associated with renting their homes out to strangers on the internet. 

Safely helps property managers recruit and retain owners by offering rigorous protection, including $1 million in commercial insurance for property damage, guest screening, high-risk guest analysis, trip protection and cancellation insurance. Today the company has covered over $40 billion in homeowner liability – $2 billion of which was allocated to their mutual clients with Guesty.

Safely X Guesty 

Having both graduated from accelerator programs, Andrew and his team recognized Guesty’s entrepreneurial ambition and the benefits a partnership would bring to both companies. 

“As a modern tech platform, Guesty works with enterprise property managers who are enthusiastic about expanding their businesses,” said Andrew, “As a company looking for tech-enabled, integrated solutions in this space, the partnership was a natural fit.” 

Guesty complements Safely’s value proposition – property management companies promoting comprehensive vacation rental insurance are more likely to recruit new homeowners and increase their revenue as a result. 

The seamless integration can sync data between a user’s Guesty and Safely accounts within an hour, automating everything from requesting reservation insurance and screening guests, to sending invoices and collecting payments.  

“The Safely <> Guesty partnership helps us meet and understand property managers’ needs better,” said Andrew, “Guesty’s clients are entrepreneurial, innovative, global, and fast-moving, and they push us every day to improve our services so that they can be more successful in running their businesses,” he added.

The Results 

“Since we started to partner with Guesty in late 2018, our European customer base has grown significantly, and Guesty users now represent 100% of our non-US customer base and 11% of our total revenue. We are also really pleased to say that since late 2018, we’ve had a 95% retention rate with our joint customers.”

Andrew noted that many clients have reached out to Safely directly after learning about them via Guesty’s Marketplace of partners. And, the team now has the means to interact with and learn from other industry leaders in the short-term rental space, through Guesty’s virtual events, webinars and conferences, including the annual GuestyVal event.

“Guesty’s property management company users are the industry’s fastest-growing and most forward-thinking. The company itself is a technology-first, modern property management system, with all of the marketplace and technology support you would expect,” said Andrew, “We would be happy to recommend a partnership with Guesty as a way of accessing a unique group of enterprise property managers and becoming a part of the future of this industry.” 

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