Peace of Mind & Triple-Digit Growth: How This London-Based Property Management Company Achieved Both

October 22, 2019 |


Meet Air Peace of Mind

After outsourcing the management of her London-based rental property to a third party company that took an exorbitant chunk of her profit from each booking, former lawyer Emily Bruce-Watt couldn’t help but notice the absence of a dependable, but reasonably priced property management service on the short-term rental market.

She decided a career change was in order and, in 2016, she founded a property management company of her very own, dedicated to offering high quality service to both guests and homeowners. 

Emily decided to start her own affordable, high-quality property management service

Within three months, Emily had grown from three properties to 35 and kept up that pace from there. Today, Air Peace of Mind manages a portfolio of 180 properties, which bring in anywhere from £100 to £2200 a night!


The Challenge

Managing that many properties proved incredibly time-consuming, especially since the software Emily was using to centralize her management activity offered only basic features and little reliability, forcing her and her team to triple check every detail to ensure reservations and guest information was correctly recorded. 

This rudimentary software also failed to provide Air Peace of Mind with a calendar from which they could view all their bookings across all of their channels as well as a means of centralizing their communication with guests in one convenient location. Logging into various channels to view multiple booking calendars and respond to guest inquiries cost the company valuable time.

Managing all those properties proved more difficult than anticipated


The Solution

Guesty was recommended to Emily by a fellow property manager and, after doing some research of her own and determining it to be a market leader in the short-term rental software space, she decided to make the switch. 

Emily was immediately impressed with the Unified Inbox, which enables her to send and respond to SMS messages, emails and channel correspondence all from the same place. Auto-Messages was another tool that majorly simplified communication with guests. 

Emily was also pleased with the personalized reservation reports, which help tremendously with strategic and operational planning, as well as the ability to easily integrate with other software through Guesty. 

Guesty offered Emily the tools she was looking for


The Results

It didn’t take long before Emily and her team began seeing quantifiable results in terms of both time and growth. 

Right off the bat, their workload was reduced by three hours weekly due to their ability to trust in the software without checking and rechecking every detail. Next, their implementation of Auto-Messages and Auto-Reviews knocked another four hours off their workweek, improving their response-rate and thereby their rankings in Airbnb’s search results.

Air Peace of Mind’s year over year triple-digit growth could not have been achieved without the dedication and perseverance Emily and her stellar team exhibited every step of the way. This, coupled with Guesty’s time-saving features and the platform’s ability to automatically distribute rentals to more platforms, like TripAdvisor and, enabled Emily and her team to take the company to the next level.

Guesty knocked between 7 and 8 hours off of Emily's workweek

“If you are moving from a manual system Guesty will completely change how you do things. It will allow you the time needed to focus on real bottlenecks and pain points in your business.”

What started as a response to a gap in the market where Emily felt an affordable, quality property management service should be turned into a massively successful business venture. It all goes to show that when a great software falls into the hands of an incredible team, nothing is out of reach. 

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