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How Nestor went from 30 self-managed properties to over 1000 listings

November 18, 2019 |

Nestor is a property management company based out of London. Co-founders Fran Milsom and Mark Hudson, spent their early days of Nestor cleaning beds and cycling around the city trying to get their 30 properties ready for guests all on their own. With just Fran and Mark managing all of their properties themselves, it became too much. Enter Guesty, and Nestor is now able to successfully manage over 1000 properties. 

The main service Nestor takes advantage of is the Guesty inbox. This tool allows Nestor to link all of their Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and accounts into one place where the team can manage the accounts. 

With Guesty, I have all the information at the click of a button -David Dezso Viktor, Property and Operations Manager

Thankful for where Guesty has taken his business in terms of increasing Nestor’s listing portfolio, Fran believes that “without a platform like Guesty, it’s just impossible.”

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