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How Miami’s Casita property management company grew their annual revenue by 1300% using Guesty

September 09, 2021 |

Miami-based short-term rental property management company Casita was born out of a need for better accommodation options in the area, as identified by founders and owners Georgia Whalen and German Daniel Simcovich. 

What started from one tiny studio apartment would evolve into 140 properties in the Miami Beach Area in two short years, rapid growth that, according to Casita’s founders, would not have been possible without Guesty. 

“Guesty is a game-changer and has allowed our busines to grow exponentially.” 

Guest communication, which took a huge swath of Casita’s owners’ time, has been fully streamlined and automated using the Unified Inbox feature.

“We answer 600 guest messages a day with Guesty’s Unified Inbox.”

By automating their operations using Guesty, Casita is funneling its resources that would have otherwise been dedicated to hiring new employees into expanding their footprint in the Miami area. 

“By using Guesty we have saved about 8 full-time employees.” 

But Casita is doing much more than just saving. After two years of using Guesty, the property management company grew its annual revenue from $500,000 to $7,000,000 a year. 

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