How This Japanese Property Management Company Increased Their Revenues by 50% with Guesty

August 19, 2021 |

Commitment to Excellence

Mr. Oshi Takayama has been in the hospitality industry since 2006, which began with running his own hotel and gradually increasing the number of accommodations he had available. In 2015, after years of building up his vacation rental business, Breakfast LLC was founded with the mission to provide a lodging experience focused on spacious, private rooms, unlike most other Japanese hotels.

Based out of Japan, Breakfast LLC currently has 200+ active listings in the city center and countryside of Hiroshima, the island of Miyajima and Yamaguchi Ken, and within the surrounding area. 

The Challenge

As Breakfast LLC added more listings and the company grew, they struggled to stay on top of communication with guests and needed a more efficient method to distribute all of their listings over many different OTAs. It became clear that it could no longer function on the larger scale they were moving towards without the implementation of a PMS and needed a way to operate in a more organized and smoother fashion. 

The Solution

Takayama found that what differentiated Guesty from other PMS softwares was that as Breakfast LLC grew, Guesty grew with it. “The technology and the people at Guesty were easy to approach, reliable, and hardworking and the Guesty software is so user-friendly that even our newbies easily familiarize with the tools.”

Guesty continuously provided updates and new relevant features like automation tools, which have been important in streamlining Breakfast LLC’s communication with guests. Especially during times of uncertainty with Covid-19, automated messages have been an efficient solution when guests have many questions. 

Advanced Analytics and channel integrations have both been a significant part of Breakfast LLCs growth, especially the OTA channel integration feature which has allowed Breakfast LLC to post their listings on many OTA sites while avoiding double bookings, helping their listings reach a broader audience and bringing in more guests. And the Advanced Analytics feature has been instrumental in helping Breakfast LLC know where their listings need improvement, so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

I’m addition, Breakfast LLC sets itself apart from competitors by offering contactless check-in to limit human contact. Thanks to Guesty’s Marketplace partner, Operto, Breakfast LLC is able to provide top-notch self-check-in and security technology services.  

The Results

Since Breakfast LLC started to use Guesty in 2016, its revenue has increased close to 50% and its efficiencies have improved significantly which has allowed them to retain their tenured staff throughout the pandemic. With the ease of use that Guesty provides to monitor listings on different OTAs, Breakfast LLC is able to bring in more bookings from many different OTAs like Airbnb,, Agoda, and Expedia. 

Breakfast LLC has also received better customer reviews since implementing Guesty’s solutions. “We can keep track and continuously stay in contact with our guests any time of the day. The automation features really help a lot since the guest will have the assurance that we go the extra mile to keep them informed with all the details they need,” says Takayama. Especially in Covid times, when guests are concerned about the safety of their accommodations, the automated messaging system calms guests’ nerves by allowing them to receive answers to their questions 24 hours a day. 

“Guesty’s automation services save us 50+ hours per week,” says Takayama. This allows the company more time to grow its business in other ways, such as acquiring more properties and presenting business proposals to investors. As short-term rentals continue to be the leading choice for today’s travelers, Breakfast LLC is equipped with tools to provide excellent accommodations to its guests as it plans to expand not just across Japan, but overseas across Asia as well. 

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