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Hospitality that benefits the entire community

March 23, 2022 |

Next-level guest experience is the number one priority for property managers. From fast communication to tailored personal touches, there’s so much satisfaction (and a lot of revenue) to be had from getting short-term rentals right. But what if you could ace the hospitality game while giving something back to the community? 

BNB Made Easy has done just that. This family-run PMC based out of Orange, NSW, Australia, has seen a massive boom in business since its launch in 2018, increasing its portfolio by 2675% from 4 to 111 properties in just four years. But what Founder and Managing Director, Tim Mortimer, didn’t expect was the prosperity BNB Made Easy would bring to his beloved hometown. What started as a small PMC has turned into a full-scale hospitality and travel business, offering tours, events, and cultural activities that not only net more revenue but benefit the entire community of Orange.

Tim’s background as a schoolteacher gave him a valuable insight into the town’s untapped hospitality potential. Homes used by visiting parents were standing empty for most of the year, translating as vacation rental space that was going to waste. Spotting this gap in the market—and combining it with his born-and-bred knowledge of Orange’s cultural charmsTim knew he’d struck PMC gold. 

The Challenge

At first, Tim and his wife, Flora, were juggling a venture into property management with day jobs and raising a young family—and their hard work was beginning to pay off. But when nationwide lockdowns put a stop to travel almost overnight, business growth came to a standstill, giving Tim the opportunity to re-evaluate the company’s tech stack. Although their existing software ticked some boxes, it relied too heavily on manual processes and multiple platforms to work—which was sapping time, productivity, and staff morale.

“We were looking at three different screens and inputting information three times, which obviously increases the chances of human error. There was also the mentally draining process of going in and out of browser tabs and flicking back and forth between screens, and when you’re doing that all day, you’re just not as efficient.”

“Plus, with our old software based in Europe, any time we had a problem we would have to wait till the next morning, so if customers had an issue while booking, we wouldn’t be able to fix it.”

Tim knew it was time for an agile PMS that would adapt quickly to evolving industry needs—and, most importantly, one that would allow the business to grow when restrictions lifted. 

“BNB Made Easy strives to be the market leader of short-term rentals in the region by leveraging off the latest technology and data to enhance the guest’s stay, so investing in new technology at this stage aligned with our longer term goals.”

The Solution

Guesty’s Multi-Calendar and Unified Inbox put all BNB Made Easy’s information in one place, immediately boosting efficiency and saving the company valuable time. “It’s just at your fingertips—you can see which platforms properties are booked on and go from there. Less manual handling is a huge factor in reducing staff stress.”

Having regular check-ins with an account manager has brought BNB Made Easy 24/7 support and meant onboarding was quick, too. “It’s an amazing resource to have. We had to onboard in two weeks ahead of the borders reopening after lockdown—I had a team of six ready to go, with a portfolio of 100 properties to get booked, so that worked really well for us.”

What’s more, BNB Made Easy could now integrate with a range of industry-leading partners. “We use Guesty to connect to Breezeway, which saves us so much stress.” Integrating their sister platform, Book Orange, with Duve also means they can offer guests a more personal experience. “They can choose a cheese platter, wine, or even a babysitter before they even arrive.” Not only does this boost revenue—it turns new prospects into returning guests.  

The Results

Crucially, the company now has the agility to grow while retaining its lean team. “We’ve got 12 members of staff and 35 contractors. I’m ready to get to 150 properties without a change. It’s allowed us to grow with more pace, without losing focus on our customer service.” 

And it’s not just about streamlining operations. “The biggest advantage we’ve experienced from Guesty is the ability to grow our portfolio with ease.” After using Guesty for only six months, BNB Made Easy has expanded its listings from 80 to 110 properties—and seen a massive 25% increase in revenue. 

Low morale and wasted time are a thing of the past. Tim estimates that Guesty’s features save the business around an incredible 80 hours per week.

On top of greater visibility and slick operations, the close-knit team have also found their own unique ways of using Guesty. When on property visits, they use the PMS as a database, adding useful property-specific information to pass on to guests. Both in-house and remote teams, therefore, have 24/7 access to up-to-date knowledge of every property, whether it’s a one-bed apartment or a heritage townhouse. This saves more precious hours—and enhances that stellar guest experience with quick responses. 

And the impact on the community of Orange itself?

“We’re doing the property management, but we’re also putting money and human resources into creating events for the town and its visitors. We can improve each guest’s experience, encourage them to contribute to the local economy, but also enhance their experience, leaving them longing to return. It’s quite a unique and special place to be.” 

Looking ahead, Tim has plans to take BNB Made Easy into neighboring towns—and on into wider New South Wales. With Guesty by their side, this inspiring PMC is certainly on course to go places.  

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