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Set your guests’ minds at ease by showcasing your health and safety measures

Cleanliness at your properties was always important, however, with the Coronavirus pandemic, it became one of the top concerns among travelers. In fact, according to our friends at the use of the words “clean” and “hygiene” in listing descriptions have both increased by over 60%.

Here are 4 ways that property management companies can assure their guests that they take their health and safety seriously.

  1. Travelers touch everything. Regardless of where they stay, hotel or private rental, travelers will be looking for accommodations that are contact-free or light-touch, meaning hosts have implemented technology to limit human interaction between staff and guests. If not marketed as such, they will reach out and ask. Guests will be looking for hosts who have taken extra precautions. In fact, an April 2020 study found that around 18% of travelers in surveyed markets value self-check-in most in a travel accommodation website over competitive prices and free cancellations.

    Such solutions that enable contact-free guest experiences include keyless entry systems, tools to monitor cleaning staff remotely, and automated messaging tools to communicate things like check-in/out instructions. In fact, the use of Guesty’s automated messaging tool jumped 25% from 2019 to 2020, a year in which hosts needed to rely on tech to support more lean teams.
  2. Display your commitment to cleanliness on your listings. Perhaps you have disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer around every corner of your property. Share images of these amenities.

    In fact, has a new feature that displays your commitment to cleanliness in a specially designed box front and center on your property page. Presenting this assurance to guests will ease their minds and let them know what to expect.
  3. Document your health and safety guidelines around your property and let guests know about the efforts you have taken by publishing those guidelines and making sure they are clear and available. One great way to do this is to make sure you have printed signs around your property so you can reassure guests about your commitment to health and safety in an ongoing manner.
  4. Communicate frequently and often with guests. Communicating with guests is not only one of the most time-consuming aspects of short-term rental property management, it’s also one of the most important aspects to ensure your guests are given accurate, timely, round-the-clock support so you can focus on growing your business. Our GCS team is here to help either 24/7 or only during your off-hours, committed to sharing not just reservation information but the latest information about the health and safety of your properties. 

Implementing the aforementioned practices will not only make guests feel confident that their stay will be as safe, clean, and comfortable, it also has the added benefit of helping your properties appear more prominently on OTA’s like which has implemented a “health & safety” filter to help travelers who are more health-conscious find your listings. 

Share your commitment to health and safety with the world, and make sure to give them every reason in the world to book with.

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