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Introducing Guesty’s off-hours Guest Communication Service

After the success of our 24/7 Guest Communication Services offering, we are excited to now offer our users the option of a new service: Off-Hours communication.

We know you are hard at work during the day and deserve a much-needed break once you and your team go off-the-clock. That’s why our new Off-Hours service will take over your communication with guests during your team’s off-hours, giving you a chance to get some much needed rest without sacrificing the level of service your guests expect. 

How It Works
We know it is time-consuming to manually send repetitive messages to guests, especially once you clock-out for the day. This becomes even more of a headache as your business grows. Constant guest inquiries coming from different channels, every hour of the day, can be overwhelming. 

That’s where our Off-Hours service comes in.

Once you sign off for the day, any guest communication that comes to your Guesty inbox will be sent directly to our team of experts who.will take over on the off-hours you determine – whether it’s weekends, the middle of the night, or holidays. 

With access to your inbox, we can provide your guests with prompt responses that will improve guest satisfaction and conversion rates. In addition, Guesty’s proprietary technology allows us to prioritize messages based on urgency. This means you can rest assured knowing your guests are in good hands, no matter the hour or inquiry.

Tailormade Responses
Our responses are completely customizable based on your preferences. You can let us know exactly how you want your communications to be addressed or signed to ensure that your company’s guest-facing voice is consistent and on-brand. Here are a few ways that our communication team can sign off on messages sent on your behalf:

  • Sign off as Guesty 
  • Sign off on your behalf with your personal signature 
  • Sign off as a member of your team 

Keeping Each Other Informed
To guarantee that our team has all the necessary guest information they may need before taking over each day, choose from one of these two methods below to make for a seamless transition: 

  • Send an internal note from within your Guesty Inbox, which will go directly to the Off-Hours guest communication representative
  • Send an email or SMS with your guest’s information, which will go directly to the Off-Hours guest communication representative 

The aforementioned will ensure guests are kept happy by receiving the best service possible. Remember, if you speak with a guest in person or over the phone, it’s best to add any new information to your internal notes or to let us know in an email. 

Like we said, this service is entirely customized for you. So if there are specific questions from guests that you would prefer to answer personally, we are happy to forward them to you as soon as they are sent. We want your off-hours to be relaxing, but we understand that certain topics or issues are better handled by you personally. 

And if a guest sends a complaint our way, we try our best to resolve their issue on our own. When a guest is unhappy and seems like they are going to leave a bad review, we will notify your team to let you take over that situation. All of your reviews during off-hours will be previewed by us and the most urgent reviews will be sent your way. 

Time For You To Focus on Growth
With our team handling your guest communication professionally and efficiently during off-hours, you and your team can finally achieve the ideal work-life balance while continuing to grow your business. To make sure all of your guests will receive the same quality of service whether your team is actively working or not, you can trust Guesty’s Off-Hours guest communication service.  

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