Airbnb Keys Options To Help You With Property Management

April 06, 2015 |

Now that you know how much work is involved in coordinating key exchanges with your guests, you might want to consider relying on a sophisticated third-party management service that can take care of all the noise.  Guesty serves to take all of the weight of hosting on Airbnb off the shoulders of the hosts themselves.  Coordinating key exchange for Airbnb hosts is just one type of hassle Guesty reduces.

If you’re not completely clear on how Guesty can make your complex hosting experience simple, it may help to answer some FAQs about what we offer, so you can be familiar with our service.

What information does Guesty need from me as a host?

When you sign up to join Guesty, we require you to fill out a questionnaire that’ll help us know more about your needs and how management services can help make your life a little easier.  By giving us access to your account we can take over the day-to-day management as much or as little as you’d like.  Key exchange is among the many services we offer.

How does Guesty handle check-ins and checkouts?

We handle check-ins and check-outs by coordinating with your keyholder – you tell us who to contact and we’ll make sure they’re there in time for your guests to receive the keys.  If you have a lockbox or smart lock, Guesty will send your guests instructions to make sure they get inside safely.  Should there be any problems, you and your guests can call us 24/7 for assistance.

Guest communication

No matter how hard you try, no host can be available 24/7 to their guests.  This is where using a management service like Guesty comes in handy.  We are available to respond to inquiries around the clock, especially in an emergency.  Faster replies for a host statistically means more bookings, better reviews, and being able to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Problem resolution for short-term property managers

If your guests do have any problems, Guesty is the place to call for an immediate response.  By gathering data from your history we can answer any question or resolve any problem your guest may have.  For example, we will be at service to fix any key-related issue, then we will store the solution for convenience, should it be needed again.  This can extend to anything from cleaning to screening guests.

Keeping you involved (as much as you choose)

Services can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you as much or as little involvement as you want, and it’s important to note that management services won’t do anything without your approval first.

In order to make sure you’re hosting your ideal guests, Guesty can screen based on your criteria by allowing you to set limits such as age, a minimum number of reviews, verifications and anything else that may be of import to you. Some guests like to respond themselves and use Guesty as a backup service while they’re unavailable. This avenue is also compatible with our services – every membership is entitled to its own requirements.

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