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Guesty Makes Room For Multi-Unit Listings on and Airbnb

February 21, 2019 |

Short-term property managers are quickly learning that renting out multiple units in one property is the ideal business model, as it decreases operational costs and allows for the accommodation of larger groups. Basically, less money going out, more money coming in.

Aware of the growing popularity of the multi-unit model, Guesty made it a priority to tweak our software to enable our users to manage this kind of listings from our dashboard.

We are pleased to announce that users can now publish multi-unit listings to Airbnb and or sync existing multi-units with their Guesty accounts so they can manage them from our end-to-end platform. This will make Guesty one of the first property management softwares to support the management of Airbnb multi-units.


The Rules

Whereas users formerly had to list all units as separate rentals, they can now group together properties, as long as:

  • They have the same occupancy capacity
  • They are similar in appearance and have no major aesthetic differences
  • They are listed for the same price


The Update

Guesty’s developers have been hard at work, ensuring that our software meets all the needs of multi-unit property managers.

With this new update, clients will get an entirely separate calendar for each multi-unit listing, where they can clearly view all relevant information pertaining to each property and all of its its distinct units.

It doesn’t matter how many units you’ve got – one click of the mouse changes your pricing for all of them.

The software will automatically assign reservations to specific units, but users can easily relocate guests to a similar unit at their convenience. Unlike with single unit listings, will not block a unit whose guests have been moved to another apartment.

Say Unit A is blocked for Friday, Unit B for Saturday and Unit C for Sunday. If a potential guest wants to book one of the units for all three days, they will still be perfectly capable of doing so, as the system will register that you have enough vacant units to accommodate therm. You simply have to move your other reservations around prior to check-in.

Though technically, no one unit is available for all 3 days, the system knows that a 3-day-stay is a possibility with some simple rearranging and therefore won’t block availability for guests seeking to rent a unit for the whole weekend.

Users can opt to have guests assigned to units immediately after the reservation is confirmed or a customizable number of days before check-in, leaving the units open on other booking channels until they are all filled. This ensures that our clients don’t miss out on exposure to potential guests. Users can also choose to forego auto-assigning and manually assign their units instead.


Leading the Way

This is a very exciting step for Guesty, now one of the only property management softwares capable of accommodating multi-unit listings. We will continue to enhance our technology to meet the needs of our valued customers and to drive the industry forward.

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