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Guesty announces new Hopper Homes integration

Ready to list your properties on even more amazing channels? Now you can. With Hopper Homes, you can reach 100M+ new travelers, creating an additional stream of bookings and revenue.

Using Guesty’s Distribution Hub, users can seamlessly integrate their listings to Hopper and start booking new travelers now.

What is Hopper Homes?

For those who haven’t heard, Hopper Homes is a rapidly growing marketplace that is set to disrupt the industry this year. In fact, it is the most downloaded travel application in North America and has 100M+ active users. 

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Hopper offer anything from car rentals and flights, to hotels and vacation rentals. Its short-term rental platform was launched in 2022, and with an incredibly loyal customer base, they are set to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other top OTAs.

Why list on Hopper Homes?

So many reasons. Here are just a few…

Diversify your audience

Hopper gives you the ability to reach different audiences and demographics, ensuring that you can always generate bookings – even when demand is lower amongst one group. 

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70% of users are between the ages of 18 and 35, helping you reach that younger generation of travelers. And, Great news! Thanks to their latest strategic partnership with CapitalOne, you can also gain access to their large Gen X audience.

Access an exclusive and loyal customer base

35% of Hopper users book their travels exclusively through the Hopper app. Here, you’ll find customers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Avoid competition with your direct bookings website

Hopper’s customer acquisition strategy does not rely on paid search. This means that they don’t compete with your direct booking website for travelers, and won’t take potential customers away from your website.

Be more visible 

We’ve said it already and we’ll say it again. Hopper Homes has 100M+ users – the most downloaded travel application in North America.

Be up and running on Hopper in 24 hours – here’s how

Connecting your Guesty account and existing listings to Hopper Homes is quick and easy. As long as your listings meet Hopper’s eligibility requirements, you can get them up and running within 24 hours.

Need help setting up your listings? Read this article Connecting a Hopper Account to Guesty.


Valued last year at over five billion dollars, it’s fair to say that Hopper Homes is here to stay. With an incredibly loyal and growing user base, and a rapidly growing market share, Hopper is a channel that all property managers should explore for their business.

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