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Be Our Guest(y): Beating Seasonality with a Year-Round Marketing Strategy

July 14, 2022 |

In an ever-growing market that’s only getting more competitive with each passing day, creating and maintaining an in-house marketing machine (even if you’re a small team) is perhaps one of the most crucial tools to create a lasting edge. In an age when guests are moving around constantly despite high and low seasons, this virtual meetup taught guests how to build an ‘omniseason’ marketing strategy that can generate bookings 365 days a year. 

Matthew Olarsch, Director of Customer Success, EMEA at Guesty, began the discussion with the latest industry data, as well as a marketing success story from our users. Following this, we heard from a panel of experts: Matthew Martin, Booking Strategist at Beyond Booking; Paul Terlizzi, Operations Manager at Silkhaus; Roberta Savattero, Marketing Director at Casai. During the discussion, our panelists discussed capturing last minute bookings, building and maintaining an in-house marketing machine, and a tried and tested tech stack for boosting booking and revenue.

In case you missed it, check out the full recording below! 

Thank you everyone for joining and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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