Airbnb Self Check-In Using Lockers

April 06, 2015 |

When Your Guests Arrive And You Can’t Be There…

There are some effective solutions!

Self Check-In Using Lockers

You can use a locker to store keys at an easily reachable, central location. Most airports have public lockers (usually near the baggage claim area) meant to house luggage for travelers who want to drop off heavy bags. Rent a locker at the airport where your guests are scheduled to arrive, and they’ll be able to pick up the house keys on their way out. Just be sure to give them all the details they may need.

Finding A Locker

Train stations, town centers, and hotels usually have lockers available for rent for at least a few days. Gyms are another option, although most don’t rent out their lockers for more than 24 hours. If you’re going to use a locker at a location that isn’t an airport, do your best to pick a place close to your property and one that is (preferably) open 24/7.

Using A Locker

Three things to make sure of before you use a locker:

  1. The lockers are easily accessible for guests. Some airport lockers can be tucked away in distant corners of the terminal.
  2. The lockers are opened with a pin or code, not a key or a card. Otherwise, you’re left with the same problem you started with.
  3. The lockers can be kept for the amount of time that you need. Most lockers have a limited rental period. Make sure the locker you pick can be kept until your guests arrive. You may even want to rent a couple of days past your guest’s scheduled arrival, in case they encounter any delays that make them a day or two late.

When you pay for a locker, the teller or electronic booth you’re using will give you a ticket with an access pin number on it. Immediately take a picture of the pin in case you lose the ticket (if you lose your pin number, it’s always a hassle to get your locked stuff back). Send your guests both the pin number and the detailed instructions on how to find the locker when they arrive.

Downsides Of Using A Locker

Locker services aren’t very flexible. They are usually restricted to certain hours of the day and only available to rent for a specific amount of time, which can become problematic in the case of a late guest.

Lockers also can be a hassle to get to. If your guest has to weave and navigate across an entire airport after a long day of travel to reach your locker, they aren’t going to be too happy by the time they arrive at your place.

Think about your time input as well. If the closest airport or train station is 30+ minutes away, you might find yourself spending 3 hours or more just trying to find and set-up a locker. An unnecessary waste of time when there are so many other speedier options available to you.

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