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A Word From Airbnb Cleaning & Preparation Services

August 04, 2015 |

Property management can often lead to stress. The need to meet times when external suppliers are involved. Well, stress and stress do not bring you to your best, and certainly do not make you effective. Therefore, it is time to bring the hosts and suppliers together in order to minimize the stress.

We asked the people in the Airbnb sub-economy who are most dedicated to eliminating any cleaning, handyman, or restocking woes for hosts just like you. These are our peers who not only help make hosting that much easier, but also work to add another level of professionalism to your Airbnb career. The more professionalism in your hospitality, the more positive experiences you have the opportunity to create. So read the following words of wisdom with just that in mind: that taking care of [host] business is not just a duty, it’s an opportunity.

Guesty For Hosts

Airbnb Cleaning Service:

Nakul Sharma, Founder at

Nakul is the founder of Hostmaker, a hospitality management team that supports Airbnb hosts, which hatched in London in 2014 and recently launched in Barcelona and Rome. Nakul worked at the world’s biggest hotel chains, Starwood Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group, but when the Airbnb travel and hosting bug hit him in 2012, he was consumed by the idea of celebrating the Airbnb travel experience and building a team of hospitality professionals who would make hosting effortless. Nakul’s favorite Airbnb experiences were made memorable by fantastic hosts in Rio de Janeiro who shared their an insight into the vibrant carioca culture.

What are some typical cleaning issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

“There are 2 broad issues that make a huge difference to guests subconsciously.

1. Cleanliness is not just about cleaning but also about whether the home appears clean.  Does everything have its place and does it make sense for things to be where they are?  Organised chaos should not divert the guests’ attention and appreciation for the character of your home.

2. The ‘insides’ matter.  Washing machine detergent drawer, limescale builds up in the kettle, stains in the microwave… etc. can be easily ignored.  For a guest that has never been to your home before, just like experiencing anything new, the details pop up!  These seemingly hidden areas are actually not so hidden and very subtly they affect the perception of cleanliness that’s so important for that 5* rating!

What are some typical solutions that you or Hostmaker use to help?

Ask a friend to stay for a night and interact with the home like they would theirs.  Get their honest opinion on where things can be positioned better practically or if any areas/ storage spaces need some order.

Invest in a deep cleaning service every once in awhile even if you think it’s clean.  The whole home will feel fresher and you won’t need to worry about hidden surprises giving you bad press!”

 *Hostmaker started in London, and has recently expanded its services to Rome and Barcelona.

Neel Parekh, Founder at MaidThis!

Neel is a founder of MaidThis!, a tech-enabled cleaning company that services the short-term rental market. After working in venture capital for a number of years, he discovered the huge growth in the new ‘shared economy’ world and decided to help launch MaidThis! to provide valuable services to that market. Neel’s an avid traveler, tech-lover, and basketball fan.

What are some typical cleaning issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

Coordination! For most hosts, it’s a pain to have to manage cleaners and make sure they know where to be at what time every day, have the correct entry codes, etc. There always tends to be issued… the guest accidentally took the keys, toilet paper is running dangerously low, etc. Hosts shouldn’t be focused on cleaner management, they should be focused on making sure their guests are happy. The other main ongoing issue we’ve seen is simply quality control – the goal of all hosts is to get that 5-star rating (which means more bookings!), and ensuring that cleaners are constantly on top of their game. One bad cleaning can mean a negative review, so hosts need to always verify quality.

What are some typical solutions that you or MaidThis! use to help?

We do everything hosts need a turnover cleaning! Everything from laundry to inventory checks… our aim is to make sure hosts don’t have to worry about their turnover cleanings at all. Hosts get their own account and login to schedule/re-schedule cleanings, damage reports, and inventory checks, among other features… all of the cleaning crews we use have A LOT of experience in short-term rental cleaning. The goal is to let hosts focus on their guests and let us handle the dirty work.

*MaidThis! is based in Los Angeles County.

Leonie and Oliver Lopp, Founders at WelcomeWendy

Leonie Lopp studied law in Münster and obtained a doctorate degree in Medical Law there as well. She completed her traineeship in Dusseldorf and Washington D.C. She then worked in Dusseldorf as a lawyer at Bird & Bird. Inspired by the desire to travel, Leonie founded with her brother.

Oliver Lopp studied Business Administration in Mannheim and Atlanta. He then worked then for three years as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in Dusseldorf. In early 2015, he began to work on together with his sister Leonie.

What are some typical cleaning issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests? 

“One of the reasons that people prefer apartments over hotels is that they like to have a kitchen. So we find quite a lot of guests that use the oven, stove, and microwave. Keeping kitchen appliances in perfect shape takes time but for sure is worth the extra effort.”

How are some typical solutions that you or WelcomeWendy use to help?

“We give our cleaners up to 30 extra minutes if we notice that a guest has used the kitchen. Cleaning out an oven or microwave, or getting the stove to shine like it did on the first day takes time. So we communicate very closely with our cleaners to see how much time they may take for a certain cleaning since every apartment and kitchen is different – and needs to be treated as such!”

*WelcomeWendy cleans in Dusseldorf and Cologne, and will expand to other major cities in Germany soon.


Handyman Services:


Katie Hume, Marketing Executive at Airtasker 

Katie is a blogger, digital marketing specialist and community manager for Airtasker, a community-based marketplace. People post and receive offers from Airtasker for house cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities of Australia. Katie is a great cook and also enjoys interior design, especially DIY. Living next to the beach, she’s always there (on weekends) swimming, catching up with friends or volunteering as a lifesaver.

What are some typical handyman issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests? 

With people coming and going, there can be general wear n’ tear of an Airbnb host’s home. The type of tasks that are posted fixing sliding doors/ that have come off the tracks, hanging artwork/ mirrors to make the home more appealing, replace light bulbs/ fixtures, installing new blinds and fixing leaking taps, toilets etc.

What are some typical solutions that you or Airtasker use to help? 

“Whether it’s an emergency fix or a bigger job, an Airbnb host will use Airtasker to post a task to get the handyman task completed before their next guest arrives.”

*Airtasker is used in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities of Australia.



 Randy Engler, Founder & CEO at Proprly

Randy Engler is a San Francisco Bay Area internet executive and entrepreneur who has been involved in the tech industry since the late 90’s. He is founder and CEO of New York City-based Proprly, which provides hotel-level hospitality services for short-term rental hosts.

What are some typical restocking issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

Most often, hosts find that they have very little time to ready their home for incoming guests due to work responsibilities or, like many of our clients are not physically present (i.e.- traveling in some other part of the world). Part of readying their place is making sure basic items like paper towels, hand soap, and toilet paper are stocked. Laundry is another big challenge for our hosts. How to get fresh linens and towels laundered in time for their guests can be a daunting task when you only have a few hours before their arrival.

What are some typical solutions that you or Proprly use to help?

This is where Proprly comes in the make sure their place is guest ready, every time. Not only does our team restock all of these items, but the team will also create on request, a beautiful selection of welcome items such as wine, fresh flowers, dark chocolate, and a personal note to their guests. Nothing beats arriving into a host’s home and finding it super clean, along with a handwritten welcome note, and some thoughtful treats to snack on while they decompress from their travels. Our Manhattan hosts count on our team to help roll out the red carpet for their guests and ensure they are totally taken care of.

*Proprly is currently servicing Manhattan and Brooklyn, and will be expanding to other major cities soon.


Connor Lee, Founder of Hosty

Connor Lee started Hosty after he was staying in an Airbnb in Los Angeles and didn’t have a towel to dry off. Now he’s out to make hosts have an easier time hosting guests, and guests an easier time traveling. The Hosty Box is the solution for hosts to avoid re-stocking, and the closest thing to turning your Airbnb into a hotel. 

What are some typical restocking issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

After every stay, some guests find themselves constantly re-washing towels and re-stocking. Also, as a host, you may prefer for your guests to use their own toiletries, instead of your shampoo and conditioner, which could happen. Hosty sends boxes to your door that turn your Airbnb a hotel-like experience for guests.

What are some typical solutions that you or HostyClub use to help?

The Hosty Club is the solution for guests who want to make travel more comfortable for their guests, and avoid re-stocking after every stay. Our box sets guests up with everything they need, and starts at $1.99 for members of the club.

Hosty is based in New York City.


Jeremy Bryant, CEO of TimeResQ

Jeremy was born and raised by a British father & Swedish mother in Paris. Educated in the UK and holds a BA in international business from Brighton University. He worked in the media industry for the past 15 years, lived in over 12 countries around the world and, as Vice President for Metro International, has been leading global logistics, commercial and marketing in 24 countries around the world. In the summer of 2014 – after he left Metro International– Jeremy moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where he founded TimeResQ together with his four co-founders. It is now operating in 16 cities, 13 countries.

What are some typical restocking issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

As of today, vacation rentals is in a bit of a grey zone when it comes to the level of hospitality. What does the guest expect versus what is the host willing to offer. At TimeResQ, we decided to remove the hassle from the host and instead let the guest decide exactly what they want and need for their stay – essentials, necessaries, goods and extras. The guest can pre-order before arrival and TimeResQ will deliver their ordered goods directly to their vacation doorstep. This way the host can remove the unpractical feature of hosting an Airbnb and on top of it provide their guests with a high-quality service solution.

What are some typical solutions that you or TimeResQ use to help?

Imagine arriving to your vacation rental and within your arrival hour you’ll get your fresh groceries, the needed diapers for your kid and the essential toiletries delivered directly to your vacation door. Why not add a couple of public transport tickets to get around town and a local sim card to stay in touch. What better way to kick-start your vacation!

TimeResQ is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and is currently operating in 16 cities worldwide, including NYC, Mexico City, St. Petersburg, and Mumbai.


Adam Falla, Founder of GuestPrep (née AirCleanNSheen)

Adam is the current founder of GuestPrep, a rapidly growing sshort-termrental turn down service available in Austin, Washington DC, Denver, and New York City. He previously co-founded and sold EmployInsight, a hiring software that allows organizations to hire people who have the emotional and character strengths required for specific jobs and specific teams. Previously he was a sports commercial agent with IMG where he negotiated and implemented television and internet broadcast rights, brand sponsorship and entertainment consulting. He originally started his career as a derivative trader in the city of London with Nomura.

What are some typical restocking issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

It can often take hosts a long time to turn over fresh towels and sheets, especially if the have a big property – it’s a lot of laundries to get done, often in a short space of time!

What are some typical solutions that you or GuestPrep use to help?

At GuestPrep, we provide freshly laundered sheets & towels ourselves that are prepared off-site so we are able to get in, clean and put out fresh quickly in-between stays.

* GuestPrep is currently in Austin, Washington, D.C., NYC, and Denver.


Juan Figuera, Founder & CEO of Boxpitality

Juan Figuera is the founder and CEO of, a startup that offers hospitality supplies to short term rental hosts on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.  Juan was born and raised in Venezuela and has been an Airbnb host in NYC since 2011. He holds a MS in Engineering Management from Northeastern University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

What are some typical restocking issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

Being a host is rewarding, but doesn’t come without its challenges.  Hosts are always running out of essential hospitality supplies for their guests such as, toiletries, toilet paper, fresh linens, coffee and tea. The guest-ready shopping list can grow quite long and pricey for hosts renting an entire house or multiple properties. By creating a budget and a restocking checklist, this will help you eliminate the guesswork.  Be sure to take expert advice from Superhosts and other sharing economy enthusiasts to gear yourself in the right direction.

What are some typical solutions that you or Boxpitality  use to help?

Making your guests’ stay 5-star review worthy doesn’t have to be so cumbersome! Boxpitality offers an easy subscription-based solution to keep your toiletry supplies stocked and guest-ready. Guests love travel sized bathroom amenities that they can take home!  Boxpitality is aimed to please, so stay tuned for new products that will make it seamless to stock your home with hospitality supplies that enhance your guests’ experience.

* Boxpitality ships anywhere.


Rian Chapman, Founder of AirHosta

Rian is the founder of AirHosta, a global marketplace for Airbnb short-term rental owners looking to find Airbnb property managers and service providers. Owners directly hire or post and receive offers for property managers, cleaners, concierge, hospitality services, guest activities as well as handymen.

What are some typical restocking issues that come up for hosts when preparing their Airbnb between guests?

Many Airbnb hosts and VR owners are time poor. They just don’t have enough time to complete the wide range of services that are necessary to ensure amazing guest stays, maximize their nightly rate and ensure they keep their 5-star review status. Or if they do have time, they may not have the experience needed to keep on top of those ‘little’ things that make all the difference, like:

  • Responding quickly (like within 1 hour) to all guest queries/booking requests on Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms.
  • Understanding why guests are staying with them, what they would like to see or do – and then organizing it for them.
  • Ensuring clear instructions are in place on how to get to their Airbnb as well as personalized welcome letters with house rules and a guide for their stay.
  • Checking in with guests once their stay starts, to see how they are going.
  • Keeping their Airbnb spotlessly clean and looking like a hotel, as well making sure it matches exactly how the Airbnb photos look.
  • Re-stocking everything – from clean linen, amenities, right through to basics like tea, coffee and milk.
  • Ensuring everything works – and works well, like hairdryers, televisions, doors and even the fridge.”


What are some typical solutions that you or AirHosta use to help?

Our vetted service providers on Airhosta deliver a wide range of services to ensure that the little things that make all the difference for your guests’ stays are done, and done really well. Using our interface you can either search for Airbnb/Short term rental service providers or you can leave the hard work to us and we’ll find them for you (and get you a competitively priced offer as well!). All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the extra time you have from letting us find you good Airbnb service providers – knowing that your Airbnb/VR is being well looked after.


More Home Cleaning Tips

You can try simple cleaning techniques for your own regular home cleaning.

Clean from the top down, so that dust and grime from higher surfaces drop on lower covers that have not yet been cleaned.

If you can’t clean your home properly, then hire a professional home cleaning service provider.

Now, cleaning up your act – so to speak – shouldn’t be much of a production for hosts like you. And there lies the opportunity.

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