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The State of Confidence in the Short-Term Rental Ecosystem

Hear what 500+ players within the travel, hospitality and home-sharing space predict is to come for the future of travel & the short-term rental industry.


Key Findings

Discover where the hospitality community stands on the timing of travel recovery, the lasting impact of COVID-19 and how the pandemic has influenced the behavior of hotels, hosts and property management companies and, of course, travelers.

35% have seen a boost in Reservations

Over a third (35%) of the professional hosts & property management companies surveyed have already seen an uplift in 2021 reservation volume following the announcements of vaccine efficacy.

51.2% believe in timely Recovery

The majority of respondents (51.2%) predict 2022 to be the year of complete travel recovery.

33.5% envision a lasting Trend

Widespread remote working drew the most votes (33.5%) as the trend most likely to endure post-COVID.

83.2% think private rentals have gone Mainstream

An overwhelming majority of respondents (83.2%) feel the short-term rental industry has won over hotel-goers and that this new user base won’t be booking traditional hotel stays once COVID-19 is behind us.

65.2% expect a shift in Legislation

Well over half of respondents (65.2%) believe the demonstration of short-term rentals’ benefits during the pandemic will result in the adjusting of regulations on the short-term rental industry.

What Else is Inside?

Firsthand revenue projections for 2021 compared to that of 2020

Predictions surrounding consolidation and the future of the industry

Expectations regarding traveler habits in 2021

Strategies industry players are utilizing as they continue to navigate change