Top Apps You Need to Run Your Vacation Rental Business

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Using Guesty vacation rental software on the go is possible thanks to their convenient app.


Wish you could run your vacation rental business on the go? It is possible now thanks to innovative apps that not only enable you to manage properties from your phone but also provide something extra for the ultimate guest experience. Discover in this article the top vacation rental apps you can download and start using right away.

1. Rentals United

Be the first to try the new Rentals United App! Vacation rental owners and managers with up to 200 properties can benefit from these features:
– view booking calendar with a broad overview of upcoming guests
– access booking data and contact guests easily by email or phone
– get notifications on updates such as new bookings, new comments or cancellations
– view vacation rental details
At this moment the app is available for IOS only. The Android version will be available soon!

2. Hello Here

Hello Here will become your personal assistant when it comes to managing guests. Provide them with essentials so they feel at home, share your own knowledge and hotspots, help them live like a local! You can customize the app to your liking and provide carefully picked recommendations, information about your properties and even chat your guests.



Struggling to set the prices for your vacation rentals advertised on Airbnb? Vayoo can help! This app gives you recommendations on prices and minimum stay, shows area statistics and your position in searches. Use it to improve the performance of your vacation rentals on Airbnb.

4. Igloo Home

No more losing keys or forgetting to bring them at check-in. With igloohome, you can grant access to your vacation rental from your own home. Unlock with a PIN or a Bluetooth Key and select how long you want this access to be valid for. Besides providing access to your properties, this app will track the guests who enter by their PIN. Choose a smart lock or key box, igloohome manages both.

5. Handy

Every vacation rental manager knows that arranging maintenance and cleaning jobs can be time-consuming and sometimes pricey. Handy will connect you with top-rated professionals that will come to your rescue. From handyman services to cleaning, tap into their huge network and use the app to book an appointment. At the moment Handy is only available in 39 locations across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

6. Roomonitor

Roomonitor’s application can turn your mobile phone into the key for your vacation rental, a noise monitoring alarm, a powerful communication tool with the guest or a controller for the air conditioning unit. Even better, a combination of all 4 of them! With this advanced technology, you can reduce costs while improving your relationship with your guests.

7. Thumbtack

If you´re running more businesses and only wish to care about your guests, you can outsource the rest. But how will you find these people to complete all tasks? Thumbtack brings together local professionals that are trying to grow their business and people in need of help. Use this app for maintenance, cleaning or even your financial jobs, so you can focus on your guests.

8. Partysquasher

Keep your home safe with this app. Place the Party Squasher box in your house and it will show you whether there is a big crowd in your house depending on the number of mobile phones that it detects. Set your own limits and Partysquasher will alert you when they´re surpassed.

9. Streamline

Streamline software, “streamlined” the automation of property management by offering 4 different vacation rental apps: a guest app, a maintenance app, a housekeeping app and a house owner app. All you need to manage your property management in a few clicks.

10. Homeit

This device can be installed on any door or main building. Use the Homeit app, a text message or their keypad to provide your guests, staff, family and friends access to your property, wherever you are. No more waiting outside!

11. Yoomondo

Forget about brochures laying around in your property. You can provide them to your guest with one of the two options Yoomondo offers:
* Yooguest: your guest will download this app and with a 5 digit code they are able to book any activity with just a few clicks.
* Yoopad: by using Yoopad you will have all the brochures together on one tablet and leave it in your property so that all your guests can access them.

12. Guidal

Gather all info your guests needs in one app? You can with Guidal.

13. Vert S

Having guests from all over the world, you will face all kinds of currency and measurement units. Euro to Yen, meter to feet, kg to pound. Using Verts you are able to tell your potential guests the conversions right away! Vert S helps you convert your prices and measurement in every unit in just seconds.

14. Tado

Coming back in a boiling hot rental after your guests have left, leaving you with a sky-high bill at the end of the month, is no fun. Tado can prevent that! This app works with a smart thermostat which enables you to manage the heating from home. Not only controlling the temperature from a distance, but Tado also uses your location to automatically control the heating so you will arrive in a nicely heated home.

15. Guesty

Using Guesty vacation rental software on the go is possible thanks to their convenient app. In this task-app, cleaners can see their upcoming jobs, the maintenance team has a detailed description of the issues alongside the listing’s address and check-in staff can view future tasks. Keep in mind that you need to be a Guesty user to access this app.

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Top Apps You Need to Run Your Vacation Rental Business
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