Tools and Services For Cleaning and Keydrops

Our post-booking team schedules and coordinates with any and every on-the-ground professional associated with your rental business. We save you time organizing and communicating with your staff to ensure that every guest experience is seamless (and every host experience is stressless). Using our flexible service means that you no longer have to bend over backwards to run your business smoothly.


Give your guests a smooth check-in experience, every time

Our post-booking team works hard to guarantee that your guests have a seamless check-in and a positive initial impression.

  • Coordinate key exchange and check-in

    Our Post-Booking team can coordinate the keydrops with the person who meets your guests, generate codes for electronic locks, or update any 3rd party service you might be using.

  • Deliver check-in instructions

    Each set of instructions will include specific information intended for each guest, including details of how your guest should access your property upon arrival.

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  • Make sure your guests enter a clean and tidy apartment

    Let our Post-Booking team manage your cleaning coordination in a smooth, easy, and professional manner.

  • Manage existings cleaners

    Our Post-Booking team will schedule and coordinate cleanings with the cleaner or the cleaning service you employ – whether it’s managed online or offline.

  • Find new cleaners

    If you are new to hosting, have recently added a new listing, or simply are looking for a new cleaning service: our team will be happy to help you find one, wherever you may be located.

  • Alert your cleaners of alterations

    When a booking is altered or cancelled, you need to remember to change and update
    many things, including your cleaners’ schedules and appointments. Our Post-Booking team do all of these things for you, with a smile.

Emergency? Your guests can feel safe

Regardless of the emergency: our team is your team. If you are away from the apartment or it’s the middle of the night, our 24/7 team will help solve any issue that might rise. From alerting your relevant contacts to contacting local professionals – our team will see it through.

  • 24/7 problem solving

    Our 24/7 team will work with you to solve any issue that might arise. From recurring plumbing issues, to lost keys at 2 am, our team will solve any problem in a professional and timely matter.

  • Worldwide coverage

    Regardless of the emergency and location, our team will be at your service to find the best and fastest solution, while staying in contact with your guests to ensure a high level of service.


  • Professional team

    Our Post-Booking team professionally and promptly manages your on-the-ground staff to ensure that every guest will check-in smoothly into a clean apartment and that every experience is seamless.

  • Name
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  • Coordinate with cleaners

    Our team can send schedules to you cleaners over email or SMS, in any language that they speak. In addition to scheduling, we coordinate with your cleaners to give them all of the relevant data that they need in order to make your apartment ready for the next guest to arrive.

“Guesty really comes in handy when I have multiple listings back to back and I am not in town. They schedule all of the cleanings and deal with the guests.” 

– Edward R.

  • Online & Offline Integration

    Regardless of the third party service helping with your rentals business – whether a digital key concierge, a physical cleaner, or whoever – our team will manually coordinate with them prior to each booking. We accommodate your needs as a host, whatever they may be.

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  • Handle emergencies

    Make sure that your guests are never left high and dry. Be it getting in touch with you, your emergency contact, or any other relevant professional or company: our Post Booking team will make sure that your guests will receive the support and solutions they need.

  • Find a cleaner

    Based on our experience with cleaners, our Post-Booking team can help you find a cleaner, replace your current one, or coordinate an emergency cleaning, anywhere in the world.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Monitor bookings

    Prior to each reservation, our team will manually oversee that your guests have received the information they need, that your cleaner is updated, approved, and scheduled, and that everything is ready to go for check-in. This is that extra something which makes every booking a perfect one.

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