Recipe for the Perfect Airbnb Bed

The Perfect Airbnb Bed - Guesty

Upscale hotels know that the best way to a guest’s heart is in their sleep. Which is why they’ve all perfectly mastered the art of slumber, crafting five-star wonder beds which look and feel like plus-sized marshmallows stuffed with a luxurious helping of clouds, snuggles, and seahorse dreams. While such beauty seems impossible to recreate, the truth is anybody can cook up their own comfort creation, so long as they have the right recipe. Caution: don’t serve to guests allergic to bliss.

Serving size: One full or queen-size Airbnb bed


  1. Bed skirt
  2. Feather or foam mattress topper
  3. Mattress pad
  4. Fitted sheet
  5. Flat sheet
  6. One down blanket
  7. One delicious Duvet
  8. Two hypo-allergenic pillows with protectors and pillowcases
  9. A pinch of boudoir pillows + throw pillows

Directions: Mix + Blend together

Additional tips for best results:

  1. Flipping the mattress is the first place to start when building a luxury bed. Not only will it feel new again, but it adds years to a mattress’s life. Pro tip: to add freshness, sprinkle baking soda over the top like a fine garnish and let it sit for an hour before you vacuum it off.
  2. Like wedding cakes or warm Eskimos, the perfect bed is all about layers, layers and more layers. Layer from top to bottom with thin, super-soft linens, fluffy covers, and plenty of cozy pillows.
  3. Choosing the perfect mattress topper can be a tricky decision. You have two choices, feather or foam. Memory foam mattress toppers (four inches or higher) help relieve pressure points and will improve the feel of an older mattress. Feather toppers are fluffy and soft and will enhance a mattress that is already in good condition. Pro tip: remember that the thicker the topper is, the more bed linens will cost to cover it.
  4. Bed skirts are a decorative solution to hiding box springs, so it is important to know the dimensions of the mattress and the amount of space between the box springs and the floor. Don’t forget to adjust the bed skirt so that it hangs evenly around the entire bed frame.
  5. Pillow cases are important. Nothing soothes the soul like resting on soft pillows. Feel free to invest in additional pillowcases beyond the basic ones you get in your linens set. Your sheets don’t need to match your pillowcases exactly, but they should certainly complement each other in color and style so that the flavors blend evenly.
  6. Throw pillows will add the final luxurious touch for a true bed bellísimo. You can use one or many, depending on budget and personal preferences. Boudoir and bolster pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Mixing the shapes offers the most dramatic taste and enhances the layered look. In conclusion, use what you have in your home and spice it with your own personal touches. Don’t feel like you need to rush out to the store and purchase a bunch of things. Blend at your own discretion, and feel free to improvise or mix in your own fabric flavors. When you’ve finished, you’ll have a bed fit to make your guests swoon. The next morning, you can bet they’ll be giving their compliments to the chef.
Recipe for the Perfect Airbnb Bed
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