The Key to Providing the Best Guest Experience

How to Provide the Best Guest Experience - Guesty

As property managers grow their businesses they tend to deal with more listings and even more guests. These guests expect to be provided not only with a place to sleep, but with an unforgettable experience as well. Whether they’re staying in a luxury resort or a one family vacation rental, guest experience is how they determine their likelihood to leave a positive review, give recommendations to friends, or even return to the destination themselves. Guesty has researched what property managers find are the most successful ways to provide a terrific guest experience. Learn how to provide visitors with the top guest experience using our expert guide below.


Here is The Key to Providing the Best Guest Experience


Communication is key in providing a positive guest experience, especially during vacation season. As many guests have high expectations to be in constant communication with their property manager and for their questions to be answered immediately, it is important to make sure you are using the best tools for communication with your guests. There will always be some back and forth communication between the host and the guest. By using a unified inbox managers can streamline all of their communication with their guest and create a better guest experience over other property managers who may not be as available. Try to answer quickly, keeping someone waiting a day for an answer isn’t a great experience.


Know your properties’ availabilities. Guests choose a property not only for its aesthetic appearance but for its availability, as well as the guest experience provided. Keep your properties and booking information accurate and up to date in a unified calendar.  A unified calendar will save you the bad experience of having to turn down potential guests contacting you on dates your vacation rental may not be available. By having an organized calendar with the most current status of existing stays and future check-ins, managing will be piece of cake.  No matter how many accounts or properties you have, manage them simultaneously and at ease, all on one platform.


Keep it clean & cozy. Provide a high quality cleaning service to ensure a positive guest experience leading to positive reviews. Use an app to manage your staff. A Staff management app will provide a list of assigned tasks, along with any information needed in order to complete the job. Manage and track status along with completion of various assignments. Working schedules keep things organized, enabling properties to be ready for a timely check-in and a positive guest experience. Cleanliness is not just about cleaning but also about whether the home appears clean and everything is in place.


Nothing beats arriving at a vacation rental and finding it super clean, along with a handwritten welcome note, and some thoughtful treats to snack on. Choose something delicious and over the top to satisfy their sweet tooth. Also, consider practical gifts such as tea or coffee to ease them into relaxation from their long journey and welcome them into a positive guest experience.


Dedication shines through above all. Guests can see when a host is dedicated to their business. The more professionalism in your hospitality, the more positive guest experiences you will create. Using tools created for professional property managers is the key to managing and scaling your property management and vacation rental business.

Guesty is an all-in-one cloud-based property management solution for managing and scaling your Airbnb and vacation rental business across dozens of booking sites. This advanced platform provides all of the critical features to simplify a short-term property management rental, as well as improve the guest experience. Decrease the time spent on managing multiple Airbnb accounts or other booking channels, and increase listings and bookings to maximize revenue.

The Key to Providing the Best Guest Experience
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