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Guesty to shake up the short-term rental property management industry with one-of-a-kind conference in Tel Aviv

July 26, 2018
Travel Daily News

Guesty announces the launch of GuestyVal, a three-day festival in Tel Aviv for the short-term rental industry.

TEL AVIV – Guesty, the all-in-one property management solution for short-term property management companies worldwide, has announced the launch of their first-ever conference, GuestyVal, dedicated to the international short-term rental industry. The event will be held in Tel Aviv on October 8-10, and is expected to attract delegates from all over the globe.

Industry experts will share insights and the event will feature enlightening and interactive sessions on a range of relevant topics; from branding and marketing property management companies to keeping up with changing trends within the vacation technology market. GuestyVal is being supported by an array of experts across various industries, including, Facebook, TLV Partners VC, and vendors such as YourWelcome, BeyondPricing, PriceLabs, Transparent with more to be announced.

“GuestyVal is more than a conference, it’s an experience. It’s also an acknowledgment of Guesty’s role as a leader in the industry,” said Dror Haliva, Guesty’s VP Marketing. “We’re bringing together some of the brightest minds in the business to explore exciting new opportunities and we can’t wait to get started.”

Participants will also learn practical and effective methods of raising capital for their companies, boosting their listings’ rankings on online reservation platforms, keeping bookings up during low season, and more.

Property managers, investors, and some of the industry’s most prominent influencers will also step into the shoes of their guests, with a variety of exciting social events and a trip to two of Israel’s most remarkable sites: the enigmatic city of Jerusalem and a natural wonder, the Dead Sea. Attendees will spend the day exploring and strengthening the bonds they’ll have formed over the preceding two days, creating lasting connections

Earlier this year, Guesty was awarded close to $20 million in Series B funding and the company is enjoying significant and rapid growth. GuestyVal is seen as both a celebration of the company’s rapid rise as a significant player in the international short-term rental industry and as a further opportunity to bring this global industry together.

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