Guesty Integrations Provide Smart Home Solutions for Short-Term Property Rentals

June 28, 2018
Guesty announces direct integrations with Slickspaces and VirtualKEY, enabling smart home automation including keyless entry, smart workflow and thermostat regulation – expanding the integration marketplace for professional property managers.
June 25th 2018 – Guesty, the all-in-one property management solution for short-term property management companies worldwide, has announced direct integrations with Slickspaces Technologies and VirtualKEY to further ensure the simplification of the entire management process for property managers.
Benefitting both hosts and guests, Vancouver-based Slickspaces is a completely automated entry management system that spares property managers the trouble of coordinating with guests to arrange key exchanges. The system pulls up all of the property manager’s listings and generates a new and unique keypad code for each and every guest, ensuring access for only the duration of his or her stay.
The system’s smart lock also detects when a premise is empty and automatically initiates energy conserving measures, adjusting the thermostat and turning off any lights left on.
Chicago-based VirtualKEY, founded in 2016, provides remote keyless entry to properties in over 175 cities across the US, Europe and South America. Their smart lock technology is also compatible with over 200 home automation devices and offers property managers a smart workflow feature.
In addition to facilitating more flexible check-in and check-out times, and allowing managers and travelers to forego the hassle of coordinating key exchanges, VirtualKEY offers other valuable functions, like the pre-heating of pools prior to guest arrivals, as well as the regulation of thermostats whenever a property is vacant.

“Both Slickspaces’ technology and VirtualKEY are the perfect complement to our services,” says Guesty CEO and co-founder, Amiad Soto. “These new additions to Guesty’s expanding integration marketplace were fueled by our ongoing mission to simplify the management process for property managers as much as possible and to enable quick synchronization with external features that help save valuable time and energy.”
Through its ever-expanding Integrations Marketplace, Guesty’s all-in-one solution provides property managers with a growing array of options to help run their business, including the likes of, Airbnb, Agoda, Rentals United, Properly, PriceLabs, Beyond Pricing, Stripe and more.
About Guesty
Guesty is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the complex operations of property management companies and allow the management of listings from multiple accounts on Airbnb,, and other vacation rental booking channels. Guesty also provides a unified solution for critical tools, including: Property Management Software (PMS), Channel Management, Unified Inbox, Automation Tools, Payment Processing, Booking Website Creation, a Homeowner’s Portal and 24/7 Guesty Communication Services. Established in 2013 by brothers Amiad and Koby Soto, Guesty is backed by Magma Venture PartnersBuran Venture CapitalTLV Partners and AltaIR Capital and is also an alumni of prestigious startup accelerator YCombinator.
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