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Guesty joins with Clearbanc to better help property managers, globally

July 31, 2018
Property Portal Watch

Seamless property management solution for short-term property management companies across the world, Guesty, has announced that it is directly integrating with Clearbanc to simplify the process of acquiring funding for their property management company clients.

Clearbanc is a financing company which offers growing vacation rental businesses capital of up to $5m. Advances are based exclusively on business data, rather than credit reports and personal assets. Clients are given a fixed fee, up front, which they can pay back as they earn rental income and funds are transferred in as little as one to two business days.

Property management companies can invest their Clearbanc capital into business initiatives such as marketing, acquisitions, renovations, the purchase of additional units and technological development.

“Our partnership with Clearbanc was an easy decision,” says Guesty CEO and co-founder, Amiad Soto. “Guesty’s main goal is to clear up time for property managers so they can grow their businesses, and Clearbanc gives them the means to do just that.”

Since launching in 2015, Clearbanc has proven that it can significantly bolster business for property management companies, helping them to increase each client’s average number of bookings by 212% and listings by 33%, both within six months. Clearbanc also significantly contributes to profitability, boosting revenues by an average of 62% in half a year.

“Access to capital is the number one thing that prevents entrepreneurs from growing big businesses” explained Clearbanc co-founder Michele Romanow. “Clearbanc has partnered with Guesty to help business owners scale their operations without the burden of cash flow gaps. Guesty is the machine that helps operate every aspect of a property management business and Clearbanc is the fuel to enable that growth.”

The property management solution company has continued to match its comprehensive collection of management tools and services with third-party resources. Those of which that can be found in its Integrations Marketplace include companies like Airbnb,, PriceLabs, Stripe, Slickspaces, VirtualKEY, among others.


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