Agoda and Guesty Announce Full Partnership

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Guesty has announced a direct partnership and integration with Agoda. Both online listing and management solutions will use their influence to spread further across the South Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

The announcement signifies a further move by Guesty towards offering Guesty users unparalleled opportunity to generate an increased distribution of listings and subsequent growth in revenue.

Guesty’s direct integrations with the top booking channels are increasing tremendously. With plans to exceed double the amount of integrations by the end of 2018, Guesty will be the leading property management platform in the short-term rental industry. The distribution platform is designed for professional Airbnb and vacation rental managers. Guesty’s integration with Agoda will provide a unique breakdown in payments. Previously, if someone booked through the Agoda channel there would only be one charge with the final fee. Now with Guesty’s directing integration to Agoda, property managers are able to see the breakdown of each payment into accommodation, cleaning fees, taxes, and cancellation fees. This allows property managers to record their financial statement with accurate payment data. Guesty recognizes the incredible growth in the vacation rental industry and believes this integration will generate a high return on investment for users. Guesty aims to provide all professional managers with the best tools available to both drive reservations and company growth by capturing additional market share, which they don’t have now.

Amiad Soto, CEO and co-founder of Guesty said, “The integration with Agoda is the latest from Guesty. We are thrilled that Agoda is now joining Airbnb and as direct integrations on the Guesty platform. We are expanding our direct integration with the top OTAs and booking channels to help Guesty users grow their property management business. Agoda has a significant market share in Asia, with an increased presence in major cities across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. We are excited to take yet another step for Guesty to expand our offering to the global vacation rental market.”

“We are glad to announce our seamless connection to Guesty, one of the most innovative software vendors in the vacation marketplace. Their intuitive and easy to use property management solution backed by a team of dynamic and experienced professionals will undoubtedly help property owners optimize their listings on Agoda Homes,” says Mr. Errol Cooke, Vice-President Partner Services at Agoda.

Guesty is more than a property management system. It is an end-to-end platform that works to centralize tasks, communication, and activity all in one place while scaling property management and vacation rental businesses. Guesty is recognized throughout the industry as the one unifying solution for property management companies by combining a robust technology with the human touch.


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